10 interesting places in Bahrain

A country full of contrasts, in which historical traditions go hand in hand with modern culture, is Bahrain. A desert state rich in an impressive past, crowned with an oriental atmosphere and colorful fashionable neighborhoods that no one like. That’s why you should plan a vacation in Bahrain and put the country on your list.

There is something to discover here that is different from our culture. First of all, an incredible variety awaits you: from colorful markets, historic mosques, and fascinating museums, to ultra-modern shopping malls. Due to the size of Bahrain, which is comparable to Hamburg, you can even visit all the sights to see in Bahrain without needing a long trip.

Grand Mosque – Al-Fateh

The Al-Faith Mosque is also known as the Al-Fateh Grand Mosque and is located in the northeast of Bahrain, in the capital, Manama. More than 7,000 worshippers take place in the huge and imposing building, making it the largest mosque in the country. Built-in 1987, it is named after the founder of Bahrain, Ahmed Al Fateh, and it also houses the Jewish National Library.

Especially fascinating: building materials from all over the world were integrated into the construction of the mosque, which makes it a real work of art. From seamlessly shining Italian marble to stunning Indian doors and high-quality Irish carpets, prints from all over the world are in one building.

Even the giant chandelier that forms the center of the Large Prayer Hall has lamps from France. If you want to get a more detailed picture of the charming mosque and its religion, you can even book a guided tour, for which robes and veils are also provided, in addition to free reading. So don’t miss this show in Bahrain.

The Ahmed Al-Fateh Islamic Center is located next to the Al-Fateh Grand Mosque. The large square invites you to take a walk and relax because here you not only have a beautiful view of the beautiful Grand Mosque of Al-Fateh, but you can also enjoy the sun while walking. Around the square, you will also find numerous restaurants where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of Bahrain. The setting is a truly fascinating architectural spectacle and brings great tranquility. Perfect for starting a tourist day full of events.

Random tip:

If you need contrast with the Islamic center, you can make a quick detour to Block 338. In this trendy area, near the Islamic Center of the mosque, you will find countless trendy bars and good restaurants, as well as exhibitions and art galleries. A direct look at the contrast between tradition and modernity in Bahrain.

Information and tips about the Great Mosque of Al-Fateh

  • Location: Corner of Awal Avenue with Al-Fatih Highway, Bahrain.
  • Opening hours: from Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Admission: free
  • Important: For religious reasons, you should cover your shoulders and knees. Women can borrow an abaya at the entrance.

The Tree of Life

Now it is worth turning to the view of Bahrain, which was not created by man: the Tree of Life. Gnarled mesquite, which is estimated to have been blooming in the middle of the desert for 400 years, is a real natural wonder.

Shaharit al-Haya, as the Tree of Life is called in Arabic, seems to settle down without water. Due to this phenomenon, the tree is the subject of many legends. During your visit, you can explore the myths surrounding the Tree of Life and then learn about its history in the visitor center.

International Circuit

A must-see on your holiday in Bahrain is the Bahrain International Circuit, one of the most famous tracks in motorsport. It was here that Michael Schumacher won the first Formula 1 race in Bahrain in 2004.

If you have the opportunity to watch a live broadcast of the Formula 1 race on the 5.4-kilometer Bahrain highway, be sure to use it!

Guru’s advice: If you can’t attend one of the infamous Formula 1 races, then it’s recommended to just watch the training session. The way fast cars honk in the corner is an incredible sight. Or do you want to step on the accelerator yourself? On the karting track located next to the Bahrain International Circuit, you can even become a racer yourself every day from 16:00 to 14:00.

Information and Tips Bahrain International Tour

  • Venue: Gate 255, Bahrain Gulf Avenue um Jidar 1062 Sakhir, Bahrain;
  • Opening hours: daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
  • Admission: free;
  • Events: In addition to Formula 1, endurance racing, drifting, or drag racing.

Qalat al-Bahrain

The Bahraini fort, called Qalat al-Bahrain, is located in the northern part of the island, on a hill of ruins. This historical place hides a history that dates back to 2,300 years before the Birth of Christ. Archaeological excavations began more than 50 years ago, revealing the impressive history of the fort with seven different ancient civilizations. Even today, new and exciting results are constantly being discovered.

Bahrain at Night

Qalat al-Bahrain Fort consists of several layers covering more than 16,000 square meters and representing a wide range of remains: from old residential buildings, through religious monuments, to military installations, the importance of this place as a commercial port is obvious here. The history of Bahrain is an integral part of the kingdom. Therefore, you should visit this place of ruins during your vacation in the country and just immerse yourself in the past of the sights of Bahrain.

Information about Qalat al-Bahrain:

  • Address: 892 3618, Karbabad, Bahrain;
  • Opening hours: Fortaleza: daily from 8 am to 6 pm, Museum: from Tuesday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm;
  • Admission: free.

Bab Al Bahraini Bazaar

The Bab Al Bahrain building, in the center of Manama, hides its true highlight behind a pompous entrance: the bazaar, also called souk. A typical thing about the Eastern Arab bazaars is that there are many alleys with numerous kiosks lined up, and the main types of trade and economic activities are developed in them.

Although they can be compared to markets and bazaars, they are usually much larger and serve to buy all kinds: from local food, clothing, and typical accessories, to furniture and animals, you can get everything at the bazaar. The same goes for the Bab Al Bahrain Bazaar, which is a good contrast to modern high-rise buildings.

Just stroll through the numerous narrow streets that run like a maze through the commercial district of Manama. Taste the typical sweets and spices of the area, discover Arabic clothes and fabrics and let the lively bustle work its magic in you. A bazaar is the best way to get to know the culture and test your business skills, as bargaining is an integral part of bazaars.

If you want a modern contrast with the traditional bazaar, visit “Moda Mall”, the Manama mall located right inside the Bahrain World Trade Center. This is a sight in itself in Bahrain, because its view is impressive. Here you can shop at your leisure, go shopping or just stop by the windows of Dior, Valentino, and the company. Another advantage of the Moda shopping center: of course, it has air conditioning. It may seem strange, but after a long day of sightseeing in the sun, air conditioning can be a really useful service.

Information and tips about the Bab El Bahraini Bazaar:

  • Venue: Bab Al Bahrain Ave, Manama 304, Bahrain;
  • Opening hours: from Thursday to Saturday from 9 am to 12.30 am and from 4 pm to 8 pm.

National Museum

Do you want to know the traditions of Bahrain and its history? Then it is recommended that you visit the National Museum of Bahrain, one of the largest and oldest museums in the country. At 27,800 m you can discover archaeological finds that date back almost 6,000 years. It is not surprising that the museum is one of the most popular attractions in Bahrain, because you will hardly know the history of this fascinating country better.

National Museum

Both the archaeology of civilizations and cultures of the past and the knowledge of the nature of the country make this place a real attraction. Even the cupcakes in the museum will be enchanted! Information about the past before wealth – about a small fishing village and diving with pearls – is fascinating. Especially great: is the Durand Stone exhibition, where you can admire the basalt sculpture of the Babylonian era. But I don’t want to reveal too much. You just have to go there and experience it for yourself.

Information and Tips National Museum of Bahrain:

  • Venue: Sheikh Hamad Road, Manama, Bahrain;
  • Horario de apertura: open from 8 am to 20 pm;
  • Entrance fee: about 2€.

Paradise Lost: Dilmun Water Park

Sightseeing can be quite tedious. That’s why the next item on the list is sure to please you: plunge into the Paradise Lost Water Park of Dilmun, the largest water reserve in Bahrain.

Here you can air yourself out, test yourself on fast slides or slide on circular slides while children play in a climbing paradise or build castles on the sand. If it’s too tiring after so many sightseeing tours, you can also relax by the pool, enjoy an icy drink in the warm sun and have a snack from the “Arabian Grill”. Regardless of whether you are a child in the shower and need some action or prefer a quiet day by the pool, there are many offers for young and old.

Guru’s Advice: In Bahrain, you can visit the coolest water parks even in winter, such as “Paradise Lost of Dilmun”, because even then the temperature exceeds 20 °C. Don’t forget to bring a sun visor and drink plenty of water.

Information and Tips Paradise Lost Dilmun Water Park:

  • Location: Building 1663, 6227 Road, Block 1062 Hawrat Inga, Bahrain;

The way of pearls

Bahrain is the land where the most beautiful pearls in the world come from. Already in ancient times, people decorated themselves with these impressive bright spheres, which are still of great value. Trade in cultured pearls are prohibited in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Here you can buy only natural pearls. Have you always wanted to have these beautiful pearls in your hand? Now you can do it on the 3.5-kilometer pearl trail in the Old City of Bahrain.

Visitors to the island nation also have the opportunity to snorkel or in the water and capture up to 60 oysters in a dive. If you find a pearl, you can keep it as a special souvenir. See for yourself where the Kingdom of Bahrain got its wealth in the past, and discover the world of the country’s pearls under water.

Beit al-Quran

We have not yet reached the end of the most beautiful views of Bahrain, because there is another point of absolute interest that awaits you with Beit Al Quran. Located in Hura, Manama, the Islamic Art building, which includes the Islamic Museum, is the most popular and undoubtedly the most important of its kind. There is an extensive and priceless historical collection of the Koran and other important manuscripts from different eras. The oldest copy of the Koran, translated into Latin, dating from 955, is also safely stored in the museum.

The collection of documents, absolutely significant from a religious point of view, is incredibly interesting and impressive. The building itself looks like a historical mosque and is a fascinating sight. Part of the building is also a mosque with an ornate glass dome, as well as a library with a staggering 50,000 books and manuscripts. The museum is divided into ten different exhibitions spread over two floors, and it is the heart of the Beit Al Quran. Recommended to you in visiting it during your trip to Bahrain.

Information and tips Beit Al Quran

  • Location: Building No 17 Rd No 1901, Manama, Bahrain;
  • Opening hours: Saturday-Wednesday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00;
  • Admission: free.

Diving in Bahrain

Are you a passionate diver and want to explore the underwater world of Bahrain? So, the last of the views of Bahrain is perfect for you.

Dive Bahrain Underwater Theme Park with an area of 100,000 m is the largest in the world and offers you places that will make every diver’s heart go faster. A special attraction is the 70-meter Boeing 747, which sank here as an artificial reef and can be explored during dives.

Soon you will be waiting for a sculpture park, shipwrecks and artificial reefs, and the so-called reef balls, and in the coming years, the water park will be enriched with even more attractions. The best part is that not only divers will benefit from the project, but also the environment and wildlife. Thanks to artificial reefs, the ecological diversity of the underwater world is largely encouraged and protected.

However, to dive in the theme park, you must have a diving license and register at one of the mentioned dive centers. They will arrange everything else for you.

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