10 things you should see in Sweden

This is the land of forests, ancient Vikings, as well as the birthplace of design. Sweden is a country that needs to be discovered, starting with a cruise that will make you visit all its ports. In summer, you can enjoy long walks in nature, devoting yourself to trekking, sailing, and outdoor activities. In winter, you can go snowshoeing, ice fishing, and skiing. And then there are the cities. You can start with all the sights of Stockholm, a dynamic, green city full of attractions, between clubs, royal palaces, and museums, adjacent to modern buildings. But there is also Gothenburg, Malmo, and many other wonders.

Starting from the capital Stockholm, but not only… Discover the most beautiful places in Sweden: mountains, lakes, and Viking cities that will surprise you!


The “Snow Queen” has a really warm heart. Stockholm is a green, dynamic city with more than 750 years of history and a huge cultural heritage. The capital of Sweden is on a human scale, and it can be seen on foot, starting from its historic center Gamla Stan (old town). From the picturesque streets, you can get to churches, and significant buildings, such as the Royal Palace. Among the most important buildings, there is also the Storkirk Cathedral, founded around the thirteenth century.

Stockholm will also offer many islands to go to and see unique views. In Fjllgatan you can relax on the hill. Jurgorden is an island, as well as a park with an area of more than 280 hectares, offering visitors more than ten kilometers of the coastal zone. Here you will also find the Vasa Museum, a museum ship telling about the tragedy of the Vasa ship, which sank in 1628 during its first voyage.

A walk through Stockholm cannot but touch Mrten Trotzigs, one of the narrowest streets in the world with 36 steps: this lane is one of the most characteristic in all of Scandinavia. On the other hand, one of the most elegant and rich in history is the Diplomatstaden, where representatives of diplomacy meet. In terms of elegance and grandeur, Drottningholm Castle, protected by UNESCO, is worth a visit. This is the main residence of the Swedish kings.

Hoga Kusten

This is one of the most spectacular natural areas in the world, stretching for 1400 kilometers and towering over the Gulf of Bothnia. The area includes a large number of islands, hills, and lakes. You will travel through the harsh nature with cliffs overlooking the sea, interspersed with fjords. The exceptional geological nature of the landscape made it possible to include Hga Kusten in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We are located about 450 km north of Stockholm, between the cities of Hernosand and Ernsheldsvik. This is a first-class place for hiking, offering a unique view of the Baltic Sea.

Hoga Kusten, blue hour in Nordingrå, Sweden.

There are also two parks inside: Skuleskogen and Ulvon Island National Park. You will find yourself in dense forests, vast lakes, and an explosion of flora and fauna. You will be able to discover numerous villages with colorful houses where you can try some typical dishes. For trekking enthusiasts, many trails can be crossed among nature, which knows how to surprise.


Welcome to Sweden’s second-largest city, where Scandinavian charm is combined with the dynamism of European cities. Its strategic position in the fjord, with a magnificent view of the North Sea, has made it one of the most important trading ports. To get acquainted with it, you need to cross it, along the historical streets and squares of the city center. Avenin is a very long and very elegant tree-lined avenue connecting two separate districts of Gothenburg: the central one with the part that lies behind the canal.

The historic square is the Gustavus Adolphus Shopping Center, which overlooks the old and new town halls. The cultural square is Gtaplatsen. Here you can admire the Theater, Art Museum, Concert Hall, and Library. Your walk can continue towards Hagi, the old quarter of Gothenburg. Its atmosphere will take you back to 1600, the year of its foundation. Another mandatory place to visit is the large indoor fish market (Feskekorka), whose appearance resembles a church, with arched windows and without columns. Inside, in addition to the counters, there are numerous typical restaurants.

There will be no shortage of attractions in Gothenburg, starting with cultural ones, such as the Art Museum and the Science Museum. In the latter, you can do some exciting activities, such as a safari in the rainforest among monkeys, caimans, and sloths. In addition to the reptile house, you can visit the 16-meter aquarium. Liseberg, on the other hand, is the largest amusement park in Northern Europe. There are about forty entertainments inside, from water games to enchanted castles. The city also offers many green spaces, gardens, and parks for recreation. A wonderful example is the Garden Society.


It is called the “Royal Trail” and is probably the longest Scandinavian hiking route. It unites the two extremes of Lapland in Sweden with a total length of about 500 kilometers. The route is usually divided into 5 sections of 100 kilometers, each of which ends in a locality that is easily accessible by public transport. Traveling at least part of the route will be an experience that will make you hold your breath thanks to the beautiful scenery, wide views, and endless variety of flora and fauna that you will find.

The presence of numerous food outlets, adequate signs, and excellent footprints are very useful for those who are trying their hand at the route and reduces the risk of getting lost. Among the most difficult points, but certainly, the one with the best view, are the points of the route, which includes climbing Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden (2117 meters), from the top of which you can admire a unique panorama. Motorboats or rowboats will be available to cross the Great Lakes. However, there are plenty of shelters along the way to rest.

Lake Siljan

It is one of the many natural treasures of the Dalarna region in Sweden. Lake Silyan is the fulcrum of the natural zone, which is an alternation of strips of water and hills covered with forest. The best tourist routes start from here, which also include stops in the village of Tallberg. Among the attractions of Rattwick, there is a parish church built in 1200. Nusnas, on the other hand, are the birthplace of painted wooden horses.

fog over lake Siljan

There are villages around that have remained untouched and abound with traditional farms with stables, granaries, and barns. The region is also known for skiing, as one of the most important ski racing competitions on the planet is held every year: Vsaloppet. This area is rich in folklore (starting with colorful costumes) and traditions associated with Christmas.


The island of Marstrand, located on the west coast of Sweden, is one of the Swedish gems, ideal for those looking for a relaxing holiday. The atmosphere is almost suspended, and the rhythm of life is much calmer. Moliti VIPs chose this direction, attracted by typical wooden houses. There are also some very picturesque cafes, art galleries, and a historic Grand Hotel. In summer, it is very popular among sailing and water sports enthusiasts.

The waters are ideal for surfing and diving. Among the attractions, of course, is the Karlstens Fortress (where Viking dinners are organized), but there is also an opportunity to get to know the city through a combination of nature and culture. After a walk along the coast, it remains only to go to one of the many restaurants specializing in fish dishes. The island can be reached by boat or by car from Gothenburg.

Mount Orescutan

Ore is one of the most popular mountain resorts (near Areskutan Mountain) in all of Sweden. There are more than 80 ski slopes and about forty lifts in this area, as well as important international competitions, are held. In the past, the Alpine Skiing World Championships were held three times (the last of them in 2019). We are located about 650 kilometers from Stockholm in the Yamtland district. Areskutan Mountain reaches 1500 meters and is an ideal place for lovers of mountain biking, snowboarding, and hiking. Bird watching is also possible in the area.


Here you are on another charming island on the west coast of Sweden. Here you can devote yourself to long walks in search of your favorite place or just enjoy good fish dishes. It is also home to one of the most photographed places in all of Sweden.: This is a local bridge where several brightly colored fishing huts have been turned into souvenir shops.

Drevviken, Sweden

The village also boasts one of the largest fish markets in Drevviken, Sweden, and after the tourist season, you can also witness the opening of lobster fishing. Smgen means “bottleneck”, a kind of corner of relaxation and tranquility that even numerous tourists cannot break. The views are magical, the sea, the stone dunes, and the lighthouse on the west coast, which seems to be lost in the sky.

Gotland and the Monoliths

The island, full of charm and mystery, offers untamed landscapes, windmills, and cities that are part of the UNESCO heritage. However, the real heroes will be the monoliths present on different beaches. Scientists are divided, according to some, this is the work of man, while others claim that they are simply the result of wind and tides. They are a great attraction for tourists, especially in June and July. On this island, nature will be an absolute hero among caves, lagoons, nature reserves, and huge rocks.

Malmo and the Ehresund Bridge

On the third step of the pedestal of Swedish cities is Malmo, a picturesque town located in the extreme south of Sweden. A place that put everything on the stability and well-being of the population. You will find yourself living in a city on a human scale, starting with the medieval old town (Gamla Staden). You will walk through neat streets and clean squares and be surrounded by a lively atmosphere. The two symbols of the city are the Ehresund Bridge and the Rotating Torso, a futuristic skyscraper designed by architect Calatrava. The Ehresund Bridge is an unusual futuristic work connecting Denmark with Sweden.

Of the 16 kilometers in length, 8 are suspended above the sea and 4 are underground. Among the attractions, the city castle deserves special attention, drowning in one of the greenest areas of the city. From a military structure today, it has become the residence of several museums. It houses an Art Museum, a Natural History Museum, a Civil Museum, Malmo city library, and a Maritime and Technical Museum. Malmo is also known as the “city of parks” due to its characteristic gardens and green spaces. Among the natural beauties, you can not miss Folkets Park, which is very popular for many outdoor events.

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  1. Sweden was the first Scandinavian country I’ve visited. Only been to Stockholm so far, I will definitely have to come back to experience more of what this country has to offer. Malmo is next on my list, hopefully next summer I’ll be there.

  2. I won’t ever get bored with this country! I’m not one for hot summers or island getaways, give me Scandinavian countries any day of the week. From their culture, to their slow-living and love of anything outdoor-related, I feel at home every time I’m there no matter if I’m in Trosa or in Stockholm.

  3. Guys, if you’re even in Sweden and like the cold, check their Ice Hotel. It’s a bit of a splurge but for us it was a once in a lifetime experience. At first the rooms were available only during the winter until early spring but now they have made it a constant feature, check their website so you can get a feel. As always with all Scandinavian countries, dress appropriate, their winters are very harsh. Next on our list, Marstrand with its picturesque views.

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