12 events not to be missed in Lazio

Do you want to spend the day differently than usual? Lazio has a huge selection. Fly on the wings of fantasy in the Sacred Forest of Bomarzo or take a hot bath under the starry sky in the Piscine Carletti pool in Viterbo. Take part in activities such as trekking and rafting on rough rivers. And if you want to relax, this region offers ideal places to relax: from gastronomic and wine tours to adventures in contact with wild and untouched nature. Hit the road right now: we have chosen 12 unforgettable activities for you.

Discover the Archaeological Park of Ostia Antica: in the footsteps of the ancient Roman port

Even around the capital, history is omnipresent. Halfway between Rome and Fiumicino, there is an archaeological park that deserves a visit: This is ancient Ostia, a very important trading and port center of the Romans. Walking through the ruins, you will feel that you are living in the past when the port was still active. Apart from the village, the river embankments, and the coastal villas of Pocoyo, there are also two charming necropolises in the area. The park is very large, so it is advisable to spend a whole day on its inspection. Put on comfortable shoes and immerse yourself in the beauty of Rome of the imperial era.

Wonders of historical Tivoli villas: between ancient gardens and fountains

With Villa D’Este listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Villa Gregoriana, which has become part of the FAI heritage, and Villa Adriana, Tivoli is a unique gem on the outskirts of the capital. At Villa d’Este you will be amazed by the gushing fountains and wonderful water games. At the villa of Emperor Hadrian, you will find impressive statues, impressive ruins, and shady olive groves, and at the Villa Gregoriana you will be greeted by lush nature and you can walk along narrow paths near the waterfall. The city also offers a magnificent view of the Eternal City. If you don’t have much time left, don’t forget to visit the beautiful old town.

Monsters of the Sacred Forest of Bomarzo: face to face with imagination

Have you ever dreamed of meeting fantastic and mythological creatures? In Sacro Bosco di Bomarzo, fantasy becomes reality. In this unique place in the world, in the heart of Tusia, everything is possible. Between the trails and rare plants, you will meet monsters, gods, and legendary animals. Upon entering, you will receive a map showing the location of the main attractions, from the statue of the god Neptune to the sculptural group of the turtle. Sculptures are created to surprise, so the effect of surprise is guaranteed. Do not leave the park without taking a picture against the background of the big face of the orc, the emblem of the park, and the Leaning House: unlike the Leaning Tower, it was built that way.

Along the route of wine, oil, and flavors: where travel and taste combine

If you want to enjoy exquisite gastronomic pleasures, embark on the Path of wine, oil, and flavors in the province of Latina. The route was created to introduce tourists to the wonderful region, located just an hour’s drive from Rome. Explore the eight wineries participating in the project, such as Casale del Giglio and Nightingale Valley, and taste fine wines in an unprecedented sensory experience. Following the suggested routes, you will be able to find out how local products are born, and visit ancient villages that are not very popular with tourists. Among them are Cori, Ninfa, and Sermoneta — pearls that cannot be missed.

Bathing in the thermal waters of the Carletti pools: free outdoor spa

How about a swim in winter or under the starry sky in the warm waters of a thermal spring? In the heart of Tusia, there is a magical place that is right for you. In Piscine Carletti, located near Viterbo, the water flows with a constant temperature of 58C. To enter this natural paradise, you don’t need a ticket: the resorts are free, and access is allowed at any time of the year without time restrictions. If you want to spend the whole day here, keep in mind that there are not many services in this area, so plan your overnight stay.

Chinechitta World Amusement Park: Relive the movies that made history

The Cinecitt World amusement Park can only be dedicated to the world of cinema and television. With more than thirty attractions, seven themed areas, four large theaters, and six performances a day, he always knows how to surprise visitors. In addition to riding a roller coaster, you can experience unique experiences such as Volarium – a flying cinema suspended at a height of 10 meters. Explore the scenery that was the backdrop for the great movies, return to the epic of the Far West and spend the day like an ancient Roman. Bars and restaurants also have a variety of settings, from the Jurassic Bar to the Charleston Restaurant.

Hike to Circe Peak or Trey Valley: an excursion between nature and spectacular views

If you are looking for adventure, we recommend two unusual excursions that will stay in your heart. The first one follows the path to the top of Monte Circeo. The walk is not easy, but at the top, you will get an invaluable reward: a view of the Pontian Islands and Sabaudia Beach, which will take your breath away (if you have any left after climbing!). The second goes into the valley carved by the Treya River, in Upper Lazio. In this protected area, characterized by a unique microcosm of plants and animals, the tributary of the Tiber opened a gap between volcanic rocks, forming gorges, untouched canyons, and beautiful waterfalls, such as the Monte Gelato Waterfall.

Canoeing on Lakes Bolsena and Bracciano: relax in the calm waters

If sport is your passion and you want to spend a day away from the chaos of the capital, there is nothing better than to rent a canoe and surf the magnificent waters of Lake Bolsena in the province of Viterbo and Lake Bracciano north of Rome. Admiring the lush vegetation and surrounding villages from afar is a real pleasure. Even if you are a beginner, do not be afraid: the waters of these lakes are always calm. Look for rental locations located on the shore, many also offer courses or group walks.

Bird watching and diving in Ventotene and Santo Stefano

Do you want to recharge your batteries in contact with nature? Head to the beautiful Ventotene and the Santo Stefano Islands State Nature Reserve: this is a real paradise for lovers of bird watching, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Take flippers and a mask, dive into the blue sea, and splash among sea turtles and colorful fish. Or explore different areas of the park in search of rare birds with binoculars and a camera around your neck. Whatever experience you choose, you will undoubtedly take home unforgettable memories and pictures of this land.

Horseback riding through the Big Ring of Lazio parks

In a restless world, it’s nice to rediscover the slowness of travel, the ancient rhythms of traditions, and a meeting with a territory beyond the control of time. On the Grande Anello Dei Parchi del Lazio horse trail you can get to know Lazio from a different point of view than usual. The 700-kilometer route passes through villages, villages, and the countryside. There are four routes: from Centeno to Rome, from Vico Matrino to Vivaro Romano, from Vivaro Romano to Piano di Montelanico and from Circeo back to Rome. The route is designed for horseback riding but is also ideal for hiking or cycling.

Canyoning, river walks, and rafting: for thrill seekers

If you like extreme sports, Lazio offers ideal places for rafting, canyoning, and river walking. For example, along the Aniene River, you can try your hand at these adrenaline-fueled activities. Go down the mountain on a rubber boat and walk through the water, trying to resist the swift current, or go down the slippery stone walls of gorges on ropes. There are many centers specializing in these activities that offer group tours and provide equipment and information for complete safety.

Cruises on the Riviera di Ulisse and Gaeta

Gaeta, Italy

Myth and legend coexist on the Riviera di Ulisse, a coastal section of the province of Latina with a length of about one hundred kilometers. Climb aboard a mini-cruise and sail through the same waters that the hero of the Odyssey crossed. Away from Brega you can admire San Felice Circeo, Sperlonga, Gaeta and the Maga Circe Caves. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of nature, fine sand beaches, and rocky headlands. The cruise will last a day, but it will be so exciting that you will never want to go ashore.

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