A family vacation in Monaco 2022. Sights of Monaco

Monaco is a small country located on the Mediterranean Sea, in a zone of a comfortable climate. For a holiday in Monaco in 2022, it is better to choose the period from May to September, it is at this time that the probability of precipitation is minimal. On the streets of Monaco, you can see many sights, as well as visit the gaming houses of Europe. What are the best places to visit in the kingdom?

Monte Carlo


Monte Carlo Casino. This is a whole entertainment complex where you can play roulette, visit a restaurant, and spend time on the dance floor. The casino has a variety of gaming halls: American, European roulette, blackjack, caps, and slot machines. Themed tournaments and much more are also held here. Every visitor will be able to satisfy his refined taste.


The Monte Carlo Opera. The casino has its own “highlight”, it is here that the famous landmark of Monaco, the Monte Carlo Opera, is located. This exquisite architectural structure in the classical style hosted many celebrities, and it was also often used as a film set. You can visit the casino every day from 9 am.

The Monte Carlo Opera

It must be remembered that there is a strict dress code, and excursions are held in the morning, as well as Formula 1 competitions. The entrance costs 10 euros, and the entrance to the slot machine area is free.

The Prince’s Palace

The Prince’s Palace, Monaco

The Prince’s Palace. This palace has a rich history, which began in 1215 with the construction of the Genoese fortress. To this day, the descendants of the princely family live in the palace. Since April 2, the palace is open to all travelers. Excursions are held from 10 am to 6 pm. An adult ticket costs 19 euros, a child ticket costs 8 euros, and a student ticket costs 11 euros.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral. The white-stone cathedral was built in the nineteenth century in the Romanesque style. It is the tomb of the princely family. The cathedral is functioning, here you can listen to divine services and enjoy organ music. Admission is free, and open to visitors daily.

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco

Japanese garden

Japanese garden. This is a unique garden, which contains plants from Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and France. It is a copy of the Japanese landscape. In the garden, you can relax, and feel the balance with the outside world. It is this attraction of Monaco that will encourage the visitor to think about the eternal.

Chapel of the Mercy of God

Chapel of the Mercy of God. The oldest architectural building with a unique facade and altar attracts many tourists. A stunning chapel and an amazing work by the sculptor Francis Joseph Bosio – a wooden statue of Jesus Christ.

Oceanographic Museum

Oceanographic Museum Today, this museum is the largest in Europe. It includes a diverse collection of fish and marine mammals, there is a rich exposition of underwater corals and artificial lagoons with sharks living there. Admission: adult ticket – 14 euros, teen ticket – 10 euros, children’s ticket – 7 euros. The museum is open from 9-30 to 19-00.

Port Hercule

Port Hercule. This is the business card of Monaco. The port accommodates 700 ships and, speaking of the city, it is impossible not to mention it. During your stay in the port, there is a great opportunity to take a yacht ride on the Mediterranean Sea.

Fort Antoine

Fort Antoine. This is an old building that has been perfectly preserved to our time. From the platform of the fort, there is a magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays it is used as a theater, the number of seats is designed for 350 people.

La Mayenne Corniche

La Mayenne Corniche. This highway is located along the coastline, it connects Nice and Monaco. Beautiful mountain landscapes open up here. A tourist can walk along the ancient streets, and breathe the mountain air. Vacation in Monaco in 2022 for discerning tourists who have already seen a lot. It is in this place that the beauty and richness of ancient architecture, excellent climatic conditions, and a decent level of service are combined.

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