Beautiful destinations in Antalya

Many travelers know firsthand about sunny Antalya. Of course! The gentle sea, a comfortable climate, all kinds of entertainment, delicious cuisine, and proximity to famous sights of Turkey – all this is a plus to choosing Antalya as a place to relax.

What to see in Antalya? Let’s figure it out.


This old picturesque area is the heart of Antalya. It is also called miniature Turkey, because local structures: mosques, baths, arches, columns – can be found in different parts of the world. Kaleiçi was built as a defensive city during the Roman Empire: today two walls and gates remain from these buildings. However, many old houses are being restored and are in good condition.

The price of the tour: from $ 35.

Hadrian’s Gate

During the time of Ancient Rome, Antalya was protected by fortress walls and gates that were closed in case of an attack. Of these, only the Hadrian’s Gate leading to Kaleichi has been preserved. They were erected in 130 in honor of the arrival of the Roman emperor. The road under the central arch is worn by the wheels of carts that have passed through the gate for many centuries.

Admission is free for tourists.

Yivli Minaret

The symbol of the city, which is visible from any point, was created by the Seljuk Sultan in the XIII century and is an example of Islamic architecture. The minaret has an unusual octahedral shape, therefore it was named “Yivli”, which means “fluted” in Turkish. Later, a mosque was attached to it, where services are still held (entrance during them is prohibited).

Free entrance.

Antalya Archaeological Museum

Located in the western part of the city. One of the largest museums in the country consists of thirteen galleries dedicated to various topics. For example, there is a prehistoric hall with animal fossils and tools. The gallery of the Gods is filled with statues reminiscent of myths, and various ornaments, mosaics, coins, and dishes are displayed in the ethnographic hall.

Hıdırlık Tower

It is located in the southeast of old Antalya. The tower is 14 meters high and resembles a huge drum in shape. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, it appeared in the II century and served both as a lighthouse and a fortress. The tower can be entered from the east side and ascended by a narrow staircase: from the roof, there is a panoramic view of the harbor.

Hıdırlık Tower

The price of the tour: from $ 30.


Legend has it that Aspendos was erected after the Trojan War by one of its participants. The ancient city, founded about three thousand years ago, attracts tourists thanks to the huge Greco-Roman amphitheater. Since the theater is well preserved, various events were held there until 2008.

The cost of the visit will be $ 5.


The ancient city, which appeared in the II century BC, lies in a valley southwest of Antalya. It is believed that it got its name from the mythical Mount Olympos, where the gods lived. There are baths from the Ottoman Empire, a castle, and a basilica from the Byzantine Empire, as well as the ruins of an ancient theater and the temple of Hephaestus.

Entry price: $3.

Dyudensky waterfalls

Antalya is known for cascades of waterfalls. The jets of the Upper Duden fall into the sea from a 20-meter cliff, you can swim up to them. Beyond the water, there is a cave with a wish-fulfilling stone. The lower Duden with a height of 50 meters is visible even through the window of the aircraft. There is a large park around the waterfalls.

Ticket price: from $ 3.

Antalya Oceanarium

A huge aquarium in the Konyaalti area is famous for dozens of reservoirs with a variety of underwater inhabitants. Its main feature is a 131-meter aquarium tunnel below sea level. There is also an unusual section “Snow World”, which keeps the temperature at 0 degrees and offers winter entertainment.
Price of the visit: $ 40.

Karain Cave

Karain Cave

The largest natural cave in the country was once the habitat of prehistoric people. In addition to human remains, scientists found inscriptions and drawings on the walls, meaning that Karain could be a pagan temple. Many finds by archaeologists are on display in a museum organized next to the cave.

Entry price: $5.

The sights of Antalya are interesting for any tourist – there are historical buildings, cultural values, and modern spaces. Every traveler will have something to do in this Turkish city.

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