Beauty Napoli is the pride of Italy

The first thing that comes to mind for any tourist when mentioning Napoli is Vesuvius and Pompeii.

However, the city has a lot of other memorable places, historical and cultural values, and interesting sights that will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, Napoli is the most famous Italian resort.

Sunny weather, beautiful beaches and bright holidays – all this create a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere in the city. Arriving here, every tourist has the opportunity not only to soak up the comfortable beaches but also to see a lot of new and exciting things.

Five sights of Napoli that take your breath away

There is a special atmosphere in this resort town, which is created by local traditions, unusual architecture, and amazing sights. Among the most memorable places in Napoli are the following:

Mount Vesuvius at sunrise overlooking Napoli.

Castel del Ovo or “Egg Castle”

The castle rises on the embankment and is washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Aborigines say that many centuries ago it was in this place that Napoli was founded. The building has a very rich history. Once rich landowners lived here.

In addition, the castle served as a prison and a defensive fortress for many years. That is why there are so many legends and legends about Castel dell Ovo.

This place is sung in songs, every Italian knows about it. Now there is a museum in the castle, the expositions of which are devoted to different periods of the building’s life.

And the best part is that you can walk around the castle for free. By the way, Castel del Ovo is very much loved by lovers. Firstly, in the rays of sunset or dawn, the castle looks very mysterious and unusual. Secondly, the evening illumination, which turns on after sunset, gives the structure of romanticism.

Castel Nuovo

Castel Nuovo is another interesting castle in Napoli. It was built by the decree of Charles of Anjou. The castle played a very important role in the life of the city. The fact is that earlier the capital of the Neapolitan state was the city of Palermo. However, with the construction of Castel Nuovo by Charles of Anjou, a decree was issued on the transfer of the capital to Napoli. The fortress has a rich history.

Castle in Naples

Most of the vital events for the city took place here. The castle was captured more than once by enemies and the population of Napoli, but its walls resisted. Even the terrible earthquake of 1456, which destroyed most of the city, did not cause single damage to Castel Nuovo. This huge fortress with high round towers on the sides is surrounded on three sides by deep moats.

The fourth side was once washed by the sea. You can get inside the fortress by the only bridge passing through a huge moat. The interior of the castle is quite rich – after all, the royal family once lived here. Ancient icons, ancient frescoes, paintings, marble floors, and stairs – all create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere inside Castel Nuovo.

The Royal Palace of Napoli

The Royal Palace of Napoli, was built by Domenico Fontana. The appearance of the task does not make a special impression on the guests of the city. Its only decoration is the elegant statues of rulers located in the niches of the building. Locals say that the statues talk to each other at night.

Most likely, this legend was created specifically for impressionable tourists. It is hard to believe that once in such a modest building was the residence of the Sicilian monarchs. However, once inside the palace, the eyes run away from the luxury and abundance of various decorative elements.

Firstly, the rich painting of the walls and ceilings, and secondly, huge tapestries and ancient canvases – all this takes your breath away. You can walk along the long corridors and luxurious halls throughout the day. Moreover, such a walk will not bore you.

St. Januarius Cathedral

St. Januarius Cathedral is one of the most mysterious and mystical cathedrals not only in Napoli but throughout Italy. The fact is that in the temple there is a vessel filled with the blood of St. Januarius, who is considered the patron saint of the city. Twice a year (September 19 and the first Saturday in May) the vessel is taken out of the cathedral and installed on the pre-council square.

At this moment, a miracle happens – the blood in the vessel instantly boils. Hundreds of thousands of believers come to see this phenomenon. If the blood in the vessel does not boil, then this is considered a very bad sign.

Since the existence of such a tradition, a miracle has not happened only 2 times, and after that, the city suffered from the plague (1527) and an earthquake (1979). The appearance of the cathedral is simply magnificent. Small turrets and numerous elegant elements give the temple a special appeal.

The interior decoration is simply amazing. In addition to the main shrine, the cathedral houses a bust of Januarius with the remains of his skull, decorated with real precious stones, as well as the headdress of the saint and his necklaces.

The Royal Palace in Caserta

It is located in the vicinity of Napoli. The palace impresses with its luxury and pomp. It’s not for nothing that many travelers call the Italian Versailles. It was built by order of Charles 7, and the main desire of the ruler was the construction of the largest and most pompous building in Italy and Europe.

As a result, a huge architectural ensemble was built, the luxury of which impresses to this day. The main 5-floor building of the palace consists of 1200 rooms. Unfortunately, only 600 rooms are open to visitors, but this is quite enough to get into the spirit of the palace.

But the main decoration of the building is a huge well-groomed park, covering an area of more than 120 hectares of land. Chic fountains, shady alleys, numerous elegant statues, rare plants, large pools – all this splendor can be seen in Caserta.

After a long and interesting walk around Napoli, every tourist has a desire to relax and taste real Neapolitan pizza. You can do this in numerous cafes in the city.

Cafes and restaurants in Napoli

If you are not used to wasting money, you will like small budget cafes, for example, “La Masardona”, “Pizzeria del Popolo” and “Di Matteo”. Here you can taste real Italian pizza and enjoy pasta with seafood, washing it all down with excellent wine. Prices in these establishments are affordable: the price for 1 pizza starts from 3 euros.

Among the expensive and pretentious restaurants in Napoli, it is worth noting “Crudore”, “Veritas” and “La Cantinella”. Well-trained waiters will do everything possible to make your evening a success. First-class chefs will prepare delicious dishes for you.

In addition, live music and an unusual interior create a calm and quiet atmosphere in the establishments. However, the prices here are not small. Be prepared to pay for dinner from 100 euros per person.

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