Holidays to Malta in 2022, and where to stay in Malta?

Malta is a fabulous place where everyone dreams of relaxing! Tours to Malta in 2022 are very popular. The resorts of Malta never remain empty. Travelers from all over the world come here. The capital city is located on the shore of a large bay, which is considered the best natural bay in Europe. It is surrounded by huge fortress walls. It is not so much the height as the width of the walls that amazes the imagination – the highway around the city passes through them. Streets-steps descend to the city center.

Cities and resorts of Spain – Europe tourism

Spain is an amazing country with a very diverse climate. This makes this area unique. The resort towns of Spain are scattered throughout the country. To realize the diversity of Spain, it is necessary to visit its resorts. The resort towns of Spain are very popular with Russian tourists. The resorts are located on the Mediterranean coast of the country. But in Spain, there are not only beach resorts where you can sunbathe in the sun and plunge into the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but there are also ski resorts where you can breathe in the mountain air and go skiing.

Why should I go to Finland?

The climate in Finland is temperate, which is suitable for those who do not like the heat. Those who are not eager to get caught in the rain, which will undoubtedly happen, should bring an umbrella with them. When planning a trip in winter, you need to know that in the northern regions of the country you can meet with severe frosts, which is not to say about the capital. But if the goal is to ski down some descent, you can safely go to the northern cities.

Israel: A trip to the Holy sights in Jerusalem

Historically, Israel has become the largest and most significant historical museum in the world. It is located in the open air, its dimensions are also very modest. However, the greatness of the architectural monuments located in this country is not modest. Every piece of land is saturated with historical secrets that are of great value and significance for posterity.

Top sights in Andorra. The best vacations in 2022

The capital, Andorra la Vella (translated as “Old Andorra”) is located at an altitude of 1023 m above sea level and is full of ancient buildings, some of which are more than five hundred years old. Only 84 thousand inhabitants live in the principality, not counting tourists who regularly visit the country in search of a pleasant and inexpensive vacation.