Best time to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina. Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2022

Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2022 are liked by an increasing number of tourists because here you can heartily enjoy the peace and tranquility, the mountain air, and the beautiful Adriatic coast. There are also magnificent ski resorts, a wonderful resort area, and interesting excursions.

Tjentiste War Memorial, Tjentiste, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The article discusses the most interesting resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which should be paid attention to by a real traveler!


This city is the capital of the country. There is an excellent ski resort here, where a wide variety of sports are waiting for you from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring.

The mild air temperature, the exceptional beauty of the landscape, and the many Olympic–level trails that remained after the 1984 Olympics are what attract tourists to this resort. There are trails where you can ski, snowboard, and sled.

In Sarajevo, you can see interesting sights, mosques, an old church, museums, visit fitness centers, nightclubs, restaurants, and taste national cuisine.

Tourists can stay in hotels, various cottages are also rented here.


This magnificent resort was considered exemplary even during the existence of Yugoslavia and has not lost its level yet.

Located just half an hour’s drive from the capital, the resort of Bosnia and Herzegovina Jahorina offers trails for both experienced skiers and professional athletes, as well as for beginners. There are also schools for beginner skiers, they have instructors who speak Russian.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The best mountain of Yahorina is Ugorelitsa, its height is 1916 meters. It is here that tourists should come. In addition to the ski slope, an ice rink is provided for the services of vacationers.

Prices at the resort are quite affordable. There are many 3-star hotels here, there are also boarding houses, you can rent a cottage. There are restaurants of national cuisine where you can have lunch. Many accommodation facilities have swimming pools.

The only disadvantage of the resort: if you want to see the sights, you will have to go on a field trip.


This amazing resort of Bosnia and Herzegovina was awarded the Silver Snowflake prize – this is recognition of its highest level as a winter resort.

You can ski here for almost half a year, but in summer there is something to do here, because the Babanovac center on a mountain of 1260 meters, which offers various types of outdoor activities, works all year round.
The resort’s trails are located on 3 mountains. There are 4 lifts, including a children’s one.

Fans of downhill and cross-country skiing will find a lot of interesting things here for themselves, it will be fun for fans of ice skating or tobogganing.

Tourists are also offered a “Snow Safari” – this is the name of the program of amazing snowmobile entertainment.

In summer, tourists will find healing mountain air and magnificent views: picturesque meadows and gorgeous forests.

There are several large and small hotels of different levels of stardom, restaurants with local cuisine and, of course, the famous “Vlasichki cheese”.


The Olympic Games were held here – and that says it all. Trails of the highest level and developed infrastructure, and in addition – one of the highest mountains in the country. The ski season at this resort lasts more than six months, there are spotlights and snow cannons on the slopes.

There is everything you need for beginners:

  • alpine skiing schools with Russian-speaking instructors;
  • equipment rental:
  • reduced difficulty track;
  • lift.

This resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina is only developing, so there are not enough hotels yet, however, you can find accommodation. There are also numerous cafes right on the slopes of the picturesque Belashnitsa Mountain.


This resort of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the south, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2022 on this coast will leave only pleasant memories because in Neum you will find a subtropical climate with mild and comfortable temperatures and very rare rains.

It’s nice here all year round, but, of course, it’s most pleasant in summer, when you can sunbathe on cozy beaches, and enjoy water attractions and beautiful views. Diving fans, surfers, and yachtsmen have also chosen this place.

There are few attractions here. Except for the occasional festivals.
It is not difficult to choose a house. Boarding houses, hotels, and private hotels are waiting for guests. You can even rent a villa on the coast.

Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2022 will be just wonderful! Choose this country to travel to with the whole family!

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