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To realize the diversity of Spain, it is necessary to visit its resorts. The resort towns of Spain are very popular with Russian tourists. The resorts are located on the Mediterranean coast of the country. But in Spain, there are not only beach resorts where you can sunbathe in the sun and plunge into the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but there are also ski resorts where you can breathe in the mountain air and go skiing.

Spain is an amazing country with a very diverse climate. This makes this area unique. The resort towns of Spain are scattered throughout the country.

Costa Brava

The city of Costa Brava is the northernmost resort. Many people tend to consider this city the best Spanish resort, but since it is located in the north of the country, you can relax here only in the summer months, including September, the rest of the year it is cool for swimming here. If this resort is chosen as a place to relax, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the rocks. Their greatness is amazing and fascinating. The sea is also warm and affectionate in the warmer months.

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is another resort that has earned the fame of one of the best. But you should know that this resort is very expensive. There are a lot of all kinds of attractions here, and the nature is picturesque and charming. It is at this resort that the richest people, including royal families and world celebrities, prefer to spend their holidays. Those who like to ride a yacht here will be able to enjoy this kind of active recreation, a huge number of various excursions are also offered here. In general, the resort, of course, is beautiful, but as already mentioned, only those who do not need to spend a huge amount of money on vacation come here.


It is impossible not to name Barcelona on this list. The city is located by the sea. The famous palm alleys simply amaze with their scale and splendor. Many different restaurants are located right on the seashore. For lovers of cultural recreation, there are many museums, there are more than twenty of them, and they are very diverse. Barcelona hosts the world-famous carnivals. You certainly won’t be bored here, this city was not created for boredom.


The capital of Spain is Madrid. This is an ancient city that holds the secrets of past times, imprinted in the monuments of antiquity, of which there are a great many.


Calpe is a beach paradise. There is a fish exchange and here you can visit the best fish restaurant in the world. Fishing lovers will be offered a fishing trip here that they will never forget!

There are many more resort towns in Spain. Recreation here is becoming increasingly popular. Everyone wants to visit here, so why be an exception?

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