History, culture, and myths of Greece

If you decide to link your life and activities with Greece, then you will need to study this country well, its customs and rules of conduct. And you should start this study with the most seemingly optional information, but it is they who will later help you to delve into the inner life of the Greeks in the best way.

At the same time, it must be remembered that Greece, despite the European entourage and the Christian religion, is rather an Eastern country, and therefore the main features of the life of the Greeks differ little from those features that are present in the Turks or Egyptians. And the East, as they say, is a delicate matter. Therefore, it is necessary to study the Greeks and Greece well, and only then mono will hope that as few problems as possible will arise during a tourist trip or when doing business in this country.


The Greeks, like no one else, are distinguished by a philosophical attitude and serenity to everything that happens. Although there is a truly huge number of Christian churches in the country, still, the Greeks cannot be called fanatics of the church. Most of the locals come to the temple only at Christmas and Easter.

So we can say that the Greeks are not as religious as it seems at first glance, and all the church paraphernalia has long been put at the service of the tourism industry by them. After all, we must not forget that Orthodoxy was born in Greece, and many tourists visit this country every year precisely to see the roots of this powerful religion.

The Greeks have always advocated a healthy attitude to life because the climate corresponds to this, they spend most of their time outside. Only during the afternoon rest (siesta) from 14 to 17 hours, it will seem to an ignorant person that the city is extinct.

The Greeks never change this tradition, it is their lifestyle. And at night, on the contrary, life in the cities boils. People visit bars, and shopping malls, and listen to national music in special entertainment centers. Everywhere you can see people dancing. This is the most important hobby, this is the passion of all Greeks.

In large restaurants in Greece, the menu is offered to visitors in two languages known in this country: Greek and English. However, before ordering, it is worth clarifying the names of any unfamiliar dishes and inquiring about additional costs, because sometimes it happens that tips are already included in the bill.

Taxi drivers in Athens sometimes choose the longest route, and therefore tourists have to pay more than the initial amount. If you realize that the taxi driver has deceived you, then you should write down the number of the car and contact the tourist police. However, in most cases, it is enough to make claims to the driver directly during the trip, and the problem will be settled immediately.

Shopping in Greece

Many tourists know very well that shopping is very developed in Greece. Designed specifically for tourists, and for all layers of affluence. In any Greek store or shop, you can buy beautiful and inexpensive leather goods, leather shoes, high-quality knitwear, and, of course, fur coats for every taste.

The most popular shopping areas are in Athens. Going on vacation to Greece, remember that you need to take a lot of money there. Because there is everything in the world and you will not want to just pass by.
Jewelry is one of the most profitable areas of the tourist trade. High–quality jewelry is produced in this ancient Mediterranean country, and most of them are exclusively handmade.

Greece is one of those countries where every tourist will find something to buy to his liking in memory of her. It can be souvenirs on historical themes, and the work of local artisans and other goods. Every tourist in Greece is greeted in large numbers by various statuettes and busts. They can be portraits of famous people from ancient Greek history – philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato or politicians like Pericles. There are infinitely many opportunities for shopping in Greece. Here you will want to buy everything at once.

Greece is one of the major producers of fur products. The center for sewing fur products is Kastoria. This city is located in the northwest of the country. Fur shops in Greece are located even on the outskirts of the city.

Greece is not only famous for fur coats (often travel agencies arrange a fur tour), but also gold products. The color of Greek gold is very different from our traditional gold. The Greeks add large amounts of silver to their wares, so it is lighter than ordinary gold. To the surprise of the tourists, even in a jewelry store, it is possible and even necessary to bargain with the seller about a price reduction.

Jewelry production is also flourishing in Greece. Most often it is made of minerals, ceramics, shells, and metals – all handmade. For those who love ceramics, you can buy vases, plates, and wine cups of various shapes in Greece.

Loans in Greece

Housing in Greece can now be purchased by anyone, whether he is a Greek citizen or a foreigner. All non-residents have the right to obtain a loan for the purchase of the real estate in Greece. The terms of lending for foreign citizens differ from lending to residents. For non-residents of Greece, banks have every right to reduce the loan term or increase the amount of the initial payment.

But even with such unfavorable circumstances, the terms of lending to foreign citizens cannot be called unprofitable. For non-residents to be able to fully obtain a mortgage loan in Greece, the following list of documents is required:

  1. A copy of the passport.
  2. Certificate of permanent residence and place of residence.
  3. A letter of recommendation from another credit institution.
  4. Income statement for the last two years.

These documents must be translated into Greek or English and notarized. In addition to all of the above, the borrower should understand that in addition to fixed expenses. Unforeseen expenses may arise, such as the agent’s remuneration, notary services, and tax on the purchase of the real estate.

When buying residential real estate in Greece, you should know the differences between the concepts of “cadastral” and “market” value. It so happened that the cadastral value is always much lower than the market value. Because the cadastral value refers to the value of the object, which is estimated by the state and the tax. Market value is the real value at which real estate is purchased or sold.

What to do in Greece?

Real estate in Greece is becoming increasingly popular on the tourist market. The bright blue southern sky and snow-white houses in its background will leave few potential investors indifferent. If you decide to fly to Greece, then you should remember that even though this country belongs to the Schengen area. It still differs from the average European country. For you not to spoil your vacation while on vacation or permanent residence in Greece, you need to follow several rules.

  • First of all, Greece is a Balkan country in which the inhabitants are particularly relaxed and optional. Here Greece is the exact opposite of Germany, where for the most part only pedants live. Where the train arrives with an accuracy of a second. In Greece, you can not always hear English from sellers, you will wait for an order of magnitude longer for a train or ferry than indicated in the schedule. Do not forget also that you are unlikely to be able to visit local shops from 14 to 17 hours. At this time, all residents of the country have a “scheduled” siesta (afternoon rest), and all shops and museums may be closed.
  • Upon arrival in Greece, you will be offered a very limited range of excursions. The most popular are Athens, Rhodes, Minos, and Crete. The Greeks themselves cannot say exactly how many islands surround them. According to the latest data, it is known that about 3 thousand. But the excursions offer only a standard circle of islands.
  • The overwhelming majority of Greeks are Orthodox believers. And although religion in this country is not given as much attention as, for example, in Spain or Italy, still some rules should be observed. There is no need to enter temples with bare shoulders, in short skirts, or shorts. It is forbidden to photograph parishioners, the interior of the temple, and to talk during the prayer service.
  • You can not walk around the city in a swimsuit or swimming trunks, even if the temperature is close to 40 degrees, anyway, when going out into the city, wear something more closed than a beach outfit. The Greeks always live in such a climate and a swimsuit for them is just beachwear. Imagine that tourists in bathing clothes would walk around Madrid or another city. In this way, you will be able to understand the feelings of the Greeks.
  • Although Greece is surrounded by three seas, fish in this country is still expensive. The Greeks themselves motivate this by the fact that they have the best fish in the world in the world, and therefore it is worth its money.
  • Public toilets in Greece are quite difficult to find. They simply don’t exist. But if you need to find this place, then feel free to go to the nearest cafe, no one will look at you strangely, and you will get into public places without hindrance. At the same time, as in other cafes, it is not necessary to make an order before this.

Residence permit

According to statistics, Greece is the most visited country by Russians. After all, there are many advantages to living and just relaxing in the expanses of Greece. For example, you can get a residence permit in this country. This document is issued in Greece to all foreign citizens who have enough savings to live in Greece and do not apply for jobs. In turn, for those who have a residence permit in Greece, certain rights are granted.

  • You get the right to visa-free entry to all Schengen countries without a time limit.
  • Residence of yourself and your family in any Schengen country, as long as a residence permit is valid in Greece.
  • There is no need to stay in Greece during a certain period of the year.
  • You have the right to create your own business.
  • Having the right to educate children in schools, colleges, and universities of the Schengen countries. According to Greek law, it is possible to renew a residence permit annually and after five years of residence, apply for permanent residence and citizenship.

If you are going to engage in the development of investment activities, then obtaining a residence permit will be most convenient for you. Such residence permits will be called entrepreneurial or investment.

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