Holidays in the Seychelles in 2022. Resorts of the Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands, lost in the Indian Ocean, come from all over the world to spend their honeymoon and take a break from the hustle and bustle and endless life problems. Seychelles are attracted by the opportunity to sail, admire the amazing nature, and scuba dive.

There are enough resorts in Seychelles, you can choose for every taste. Each of them is distinguished by beautiful nature and a good level of service.


The resort of Praslin, which is a small island, is known for the huge fruits of the sea coconut tree. Such a miracle weighing 20 kg is not found anywhere else. Many people relax here in a cozy little bay, which is surrounded by palm trees from the shore. There is a fashionable hotel right in it.

There are excellent places for a secluded holiday here. On one of the beaches, the tide creates a real pool. This natural wonder is a must-visit during your vacation in Seychelles in 2022.

It is interesting to visit the pearl processing factory at the resort and take a walk in the park where rare varieties of palm trees grow. Diving fans have chosen the marine park, where a whole forest of corals grows. Active travelers climb Mount Zimbabwe to see the neighboring islands.


The resort of the Seychelles Frigate impresses not only with its pristine beauty but with chic hotels and villas that are surrounded by lush vegetation. There is more service personnel in such establishments than there are customers.

The underwater world near the island is particularly beautiful, where moray eels, three species of sharks, huge turtles, and butterflyfish live. In the tropical forests, some birds and animals are not found anywhere else on the planet.

In this resort of Seychelles, young people, and families with kids feel good. People swim and sunbathe here in any month of the year because it’s very close to the equator.


Most of the population of the state lives on Mahe Island, and its capital is located here. Beaches covered with a dazzling sand stretch along the shores of Mahe. Inside the island, the tourist will see a lush jungle.

The resort can be visited in a couple of hours by a rented car. But to see a real paradise, you need to climb Mount Morne.

A unique flora appears to the eyes of travelers in the national park – a jellyfish tree, a carnivorous plant that eats insects. Tea plantations are located right on the slopes of the mountains and serve as raw materials for a local factory. On its territory, there is a restaurant where they know how to brew an incredibly fragrant drink.

From this resort of Seychelles, other islets are visible, where fashionable hotels and restaurants are also waiting for guests. The capital of the state is named after Queen Victoria. The clock tower is exactly like Big Ben. All the sights of a small town consist of a botanical garden, a history museum, and a temple of the Immaculate Conception.

La Digue

From Praslin, they ferry to the island of La Digue, struck with rocks and beaches that seem pink during sunrise, and turn bright red in the evening. Luxury villas are located on the coast, the cost of a room in which is off the scale 23 thousand rubles. At the same time, there are also comfortable hotels with two stars for 4 thousand rubles.

The most picturesque places are located in the bays of the island, but treacherous currents are often found here. Therefore, it is necessary to dive and swim in these places carefully.

Diving enthusiasts prefer the Ave Maria area, where you can see granite rocks under the water, and swim through various passages.


Silhouette Island is visible from the Mahe resort. Not many tourists come here. The way to the harbor of the island is not easy, because there are many coral reefs in the water. Those who live here in the hotel get there by helicopter. People walk around because the roads are not built.

They come to the island to enjoy the silence, solitude, and pristine nature.
Holidays in Seychelles in 2022 will truly be heavenly. It is in such places that a person can be alone with himself, take a break from the hustle and bustle of big cities, and put his thoughts in order!

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