Holidays to Malta in 2022, and where to stay in Malta?

Malta is a fabulous place where everyone dreams of relaxing! Tours to Malta in 2022 are very popular. The resorts of Malta never remain empty. Travelers from all over the world come here.

Popeye Village ,Malta, Mellieha, Malta

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is recognized as the most beautiful resort in Malta. Usually, there are few tourists here, as it is located far from the main attractions of Malta. But on weekends, the beach becomes lively – vacationers from all over Malta gather here – these are locals who like to relax here with their families.

Surrounded by rocks, there is a golden sandy beach, although small, but very picturesque. A 17th–century landmark rises above it on a rock – a former watchtower, which now receives tourists.

For several decades, there was a need to film the national village in the film adaptation of the famous musical. So, thanks to the whim of Hollywood filmmakers, Popeye village appeared on the site of the former film set, and local guides have a popular tourist attraction. A fun bonus of visiting the village will be a lesson in Maltese folk dance.


The capital city is located on the shore of a large bay, which is considered the best natural bay in Europe. It is surrounded by huge fortress walls. It is not so much the height as the width of the walls that amazes the imagination – the highway around the city passes through them. Streets-steps descend to the city center.

Modern buildings are hard to find here. This is a monument city: literally, every house is associated with some historical event. Moreover, many museums are wonderful side by side with noisy trade: there is a cafe or shop on every corner.

Gozo Island

Gozo Island is a charm of serenity and unhurriedness. There are 40 attractions for every taste – this is an ancient temple, a variety of museums, an Azure window – a natural arch in the rock, and even its inner sea.

Gozo is a great place for diving. There is a very unusual structure of the bottom, an abundance of marine life, and crystal clear seawater. Pleasant diving experiences are guaranteed to both novice and experienced divers.
The most attractive beach on the island is Ramla l–Hamra, which means “red sand”. It is not difficult to guess that the sand here is of an unusual reddish hue.

Comino Island

Comino Island is no more than 3 square kilometers in area, its population is about 10 people. This is a quiet place, devoid of city fuss and car noise. The orientation of this Malta resort is water sports. The hotel is located by the sea. Crystal clear water, azure sea with convenient coves, and reefs create excellent conditions for diving.

The most famous beach is the Blue Lagoon, where the water is so clear that you can watch the seabed from far from the shore. It has its historical attractions: the Observation Tower, the Palace, the Church of the Virgin Mary, and the soldiers’ barracks of the Order of St. John.

Blue Lagoon beach


Sliema is the most prestigious resort in Malta. Fashionable shops, prestigious golf clubs, and multi-story hotels are concentrated here. So, Bizazza Street and The Strand area are full of the most famous brands: Benetton, Diesel, Levi’s, Svarovsky, and Zara. The straight streets of the city intersect at right angles, creating a clear geometric layout. Its architecture is peculiar, with distinctive recognizable handwriting. For example, there are no churches in the squares – they can be seen on the streets between residential buildings.

The rocky beaches of the resort of Malta are well equipped and have everything you need for a good rest: swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, boating, and sailing. There are outdoor swimming pools on the shore. In the evenings, a walk along the embankment will be a great pleasure. The city promenade has become a kind of center for a relaxing holiday after the hot beach sun.

Choose tours to Malta in 2022, you will not regret it!

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