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Several million tourists from all over the world come to Barcelona every year. The capital of Catalonia — the Spanish region is even more popular than the capital of Spain — Madrid. In Barcelona, you can not admire the architectural masterpieces of the world-famous Antonio Gaudi. Football is incredibly developed here, there are many museums and parks. But at the same time, a tourist should remember that there is a lot of crime in the city and you should walk carefully at night. All the most interesting things about this beautiful European city are in our informative article.

There are still many old traffic lights on the streets of Barcelona, which have a lantern installed on top. Such traffic lights have been standing here since 1929. The legend of the founding of Barcelona says that this city is four centuries older than Rome. The most popular street in this city is Las Ramblas. Its length is two kilometers, but in fact it is five streets turning into one another.

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On Las Ramblas Street, holes from the heels of the shoes of girls who were engaged in street prostitution here until the middle of the nineteenth century have remained on the sidewalk since the last centuries. The people of Barcelona, as true Catalans, are Separatist. They believe that their region has nothing to do with Spain and should separate from the country, become an independent state. In recent years, many rallies have been held, which were dispersed by the police.

The largest city in the Mediterranean is Barcelona.

Barcelona is the name not only of the city, but also of the popular Spanish football club, which has a scattering of titles. The team has won the Spanish Championship, the national Cup, the Champions League many times — the main club competition in Europe. Lionel Messi played here — an Argentine forward who was recognized seven times as the best footballer on the planet and received the Golden Ball award. Among Spanish cities, Barcelona has the second largest population after Madrid.

The main attraction of the city is the Sagrada Familia Church. It is the largest Catholic church in Europe, designed by Antonio Gaudi. It has been under construction for almost a century and a half and is still not fully completed. There is a magic square on the temple wall. There are many numbers, and their sum in any direction is the number thirty—three – the age at which Christ was crucified.

The second name of the Sagrada Familia is Sagrada Familia. It is built on donations from parishioners and impresses everyone with its scope, luxury and interior decoration. On the interior walls there are hundreds of figurines that show episodes from the Bible.

Barcelona Football Club

Barcelona Football Club is actively engaged in charity work. With the donations of the team, the famous church of Santa Maria del Mar was built, on the windows of which the coat of arms of the generous Catalan football club is depicted. The Sagrada Familia Temple has been built for more years than the pyramids of ancient Egypt were built. This is the most famous long-term construction of the modern era.

The shores of Barcelona are very beautiful and picturesque, there are many cozy beaches with clean sand. But more than twenty-five years ago there were practically no beaches here, and the entire coastline was used for the needs of Spanish industry. The people of Barcelona speak Spanish well, but mostly speak Catalan among themselves.

When the famous early Modern navigator Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, he arrived in Barcelona and reported to the royal family about his discoveries. Therefore, there is a high monument to the traveler in the center of the capital of Catalonia. But for some reason the navigator looks in the opposite direction from America, although he points with his fingers to the new lands.

Barcelona is considered the European capital of pickpockets. Thefts are carried out here very often and often with extreme cruelty and sophistication. But this does not deter tourists from visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The cat and the donkey are the main symbols of the city, according to legend, these animals are friends with each other. The most famous observation deck in Barcelona is the platform at the top of the statue of Columbus. Tourists can take a special elevator to this observation deck and enjoy the magnificent views of the city.

Barcelona is among the fifty megacities where the population density is the highest in the world. The Summer Olympic Games were held in Barcelona. The anthem was recorded for this most prestigious international competition. The song was performed by opera singer Montserrat Caballe and the famous Freddie Mercury. After that, the song became the anthem of the city.

Kobi is a Barcelona Shepherd dog, the famous symbol of the 1992 Olympics. The animal was stylized under the ideas of Cubism. More than two thousand years ago, the coast of the Catalan capital began to be used as a harbor. Expo-1929, the World Exhibition, was held in Barcelona. Before this world-scale event, many beautiful buildings and attractions were built.

The port of Barcelona is the largest and oldest in the entire Mediterranean.

Drivers here are very dashing and unpredictable, so accidents and accidents happen much more often than in many European cities. Before the start of the tourist season, sand on the seashore is very carefully sifted here, to a depth of half a meter. Canaletes is the most popular fountain in the city. There is a famous sign here that says that everyone who takes a sip from the fountain will love the city forever and will certainly come here again. It is said that the inscription has become prophetic for many.

There are a lot of visitors in the city, about three hundred thousand constantly.

In 1994, there was a terrible fire in the most beautiful opera house in Europe, which is located in Barcelona. But the building was rebuilt, mainly with donations and money that the pop and opera stars donated from their proceeds. A museum with works by Pablo Picasso was opened in the city at the request of the artist. The largest football stadium in Europe – Camp Nou, accommodating up to one hundred thousand fans of Barcelona and the guest sector.

Over thirteen thousand licensed taxi drivers offer their services to residents and guests of Barcelona. Until 2003, a male white gorilla lived in the Barcelona Zoo. An albino named Snowball mated with many monkeys, but only cubs of the traditional coat color were born. The most crowded and lively Spanish street is called Portal de l’ngel and is located in Spain. Over one hundred and fifty thousand pedestrians pass through here every day. The Royal Medal for Beautiful Architecture from all cities in the world has so far been awarded only to the Catalan capital.

Montjuic is the largest Spanish park. On more than two hundred hectares in the huge park of Barcelona, you can walk all day. There are many lush gardens, architectural monuments and sculptures, ornate paths, beautiful flower beds, entertainment for tourists. The Bishop’s Palace, the Sagrada Familia, the Cellars of Guell, El Capriccio, the House of Calvette — this is an incomplete list of masterpieces by one of the most talented architects of Modern times — Catalan Spanio Gaudi. He was able to combine several architectural styles at once and conquered his contemporaries with an original approach to architecture.

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