Rome Sightseeing – Top 7 places in Rome, Italy

You can talk endlessly about the capital of Italy. After all, Rome is incredibly rich not only in history but also in the number of attractions. If the time spent in this city is only two days, this is not a reason for frustration, but a good incentive to see to the maximum.

St. Peter’s Cathedral

First of all, it is a symbol of Christianity and the largest building of the Vatican. To go inside, you need to look at the part. There is shouldn’t be open shoulders, short skirts, and shorts. A special feature is the bronze dome of Bernini, which is equal to 29 meters.

To climb to the top, you need to overcome 551 steps, and believe me, the effort is worth it, since you can view Rome from a height of 360 degrees.

Sistine Chapel

It is considered one of the most famous chapels of the Vatican. And its painting was done by famous artists of those times. Raising his head to the ceiling, delight simply overwhelms what he saw, because he is completely painted with beautiful paintings made by the hand of the talented Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Trevi Fountain

Currently, it is in Rome that the largest number of fountains is located, and each of them is a work of art. Trevi is impressive and famous in the capital, its width is 20 meters and its height is 29 m. It resembles a huge, but stone theater stage, which rests on the Poly Palace, and forms a single whole with it.


Colosseum is one of the most grandiose buildings of Ancient Rome. It belongs to the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. Colosseum has a 2000-year history, and it is the largest ancient Roman amphitheater in the world. Unequivocally: “Who has not seen the Colosseum – has not seen Rome!”

Roman Forum and Stole

The Roman Forum is the center of the social life of Ancient Rome, where weighty buildings are located, which today are colorful ruins. This vast territory is represented by old columns, stands, arches, and temples.

Roman Forum, Italy

The stole is the oldest of the hills. This place is allegedly connected with the emergence of Rome. The panorama that opens from this hill is indescribable.

Venice Square

It belongs to the most important intersections of Rome. A special feature of the square is Vittoriano – a monument to the first king of united Italy. Today there is a Renaissance Museum, where exhibitions are very often organized, and there is also an excellent observation deck.

After such a weekend, impressions will remain for a long time, because this city will not leave anyone indifferent and most likely there will be a desire to visit it again. Rome is different from other cities. This is a large museum, a living room that everyone needs to see and feel.

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