Some fascinating things to do in Hollywood – the capital of cinema

The American continent is rich in insights. Some of them, such as Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, were created by nature itself. Others were created by the efforts of people – they can be called the Empire State Building or Hollywood. The sights of America are interesting not only to Americans themselves. But also to tourists who come here to look with their own eyes at places famous all over the world.

America and Hollywood have inextricably linked concepts, and travelers coming to the United States dream of seeing and photographing the famous Los Angeles area. Arriving in California. Many are eager to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which preserves the memory of world-famous actors. If you decide to visit this place, which is rightfully called the factory of stars. You will have indelible impressions that you can share with your loved ones and acquaintances.

Hollywood is considered the world capital of the film industry and a variety of entertainment. And its history began at the beginning of the 20th century when the first film sets were built near Los Angeles. Cinema began to develop, the number of films began to grow very quickly, and young Hollywood began to influence the cinema of all countries.

Hollywood stars have become recognizable in all corners of the planet, and millions of fans to this day tirelessly follow their work, not missing a single new picture. Among the famous Hollywood actors, there are even politicians, such as former US President Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For a good hundred years, the history of Hollywood has been intertwined not only with business but also with politics. Moreover, Hollywood is considered a symbol of the “American dream”, judging by how many young guys and girls go to this area of California to try their hand. And, with a successful combination of circumstances, become famous actors. However, Fortune is characterized by windiness, and it does not turn its face to everyone hungry for fame. Partly for this reason, modern Hollywood stars are very superstitious.

American dream

New Hollywood is popular for its three boulevards, which are well-known to everyone. These are Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, and Melrose Avenue. There is a concentration of acting agencies, boutiques, and all kinds of entertainment venues. Crowds of tourists come here to see the alley of stars and, if you’re lucky, even chat with some celebrity who can only be seen on the TV screen.


For many fans of cinema, the concepts of Hollywood and cinema are synonymous. Those who came to see Hollywood have the opportunity to visit the local museum, where all the information about what technologies were used or are used in the filming of films, various programs, and shows is collected. There are also Hollywood attractions in this museum that may interest those tourists who are interested in cinema in a global sense. For those who are interested in any little thing concerning this entertainment industry.

In addition to visiting the city’s attractions, closely connected with the history of cinema. Tourists are waiting for the delightful beaches and slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains, from which beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean open. There are always a lot of people here because a person does not live by one movie. If you get hungry, you can always find a café or restaurant with a kitchen to your taste and the size of your wallet. If you get tired of hiking, you can rent a bike – so you can save time to have time to see as many local attractions as possible, and not only Hollywood.

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