What to see in and around Le Havre

Welcome to Le Havre, an industrial city whose history is connected primarily with the port: the main transport hub for both trade and passenger traffic. A place that is the cradle of visionary architects who made its historical center a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The main merit went to Auguste Perret, who was able to give a new face and a different identity to a place destroyed by World War II.

The 10 most beautiful cities in France

From Paris to Marseille: join us on a journey to discover the most interesting cities in France. You will be overwhelmed by cultural attractions, refined atmosphere, sea, and unforgettable views, as well as folklore and history rooted in the distant past. You will visit the surrounding area, stroll through the markets and shops and find the perfect souvenir for yourself.

Vacation and beach resorts in France in 2022

Magnificent France has always attracted tourists because there are thousands of interesting cities and attractions here. Recently, there has been a division between those travelers who come to France for the sake of ancient sights and those who can be called rather “vacationers” – they visit the country for the sake of resorts, sandy beaches, and the gentle sun. The beach resorts of France are very popular with all tourists, thanks to the special atmosphere, which does not seem to be anywhere else in the world.