10 amazing places in Turin in one day

Turin is one of the most charming cities in Italy, where the fervor of modern life spreads between historical monuments and majestic palaces. Many people know him from the Shroud, but only a few excursions allow admiring this relic up close. The prestige of the city is also due to the numerous palaces and museums of national importance, even though it is less popular than, for example, Rome and Milan.

10 amazing places of Florence

Florence is a city that, having visited once, you always want to return to. Each visit reveals details that you did not catch, and gradually the whole beauty of the city is revealed in all its nuances. Even in the most visited squares by tourists, some corners are less noticeable, because attention is paid to the great monuments, which, with their dazzling splendor, make their surroundings less noticeable. Sometimes it’s enough to look up, follow a secondary road, take a few more steps and go beyond the most popular routes to see unexpected details or discover new stories, characters, and traditions. There are small museums that store unusual works and are arranged in such a way as to create a fascinating sightseeing route.

12 events not to be missed in Lazio

Do you want to spend the day differently than usual? Lazio has a huge selection. Fly on the wings of fantasy in the Sacred Forest of Bomarzo or take a hot bath under the starry sky in the Piscine Carletti pool in Viterbo. Take part in activities such as trekking and rafting on rough rivers. And if you want to relax, this region offers ideal places to relax: from gastronomic and wine tours to adventures in contact with wild and untouched nature. Hit the road right now: we have chosen 12 unforgettable activities for you.

Frasassi Caves: a guide to the sights

In the small village of Jenga, not far from the magnificent Tempio del Valadier, there is another place of rare beauty, the greatness of which can truly leave you speechless. We are talking about the Frasassi Caves, a remarkable system of underground karst caves formed more than a million years ago as a result of the flow of the Sentino River. We are located in the Gola Della Rossa and Frasassi Regional Nature Park, surrounded by nature that deserves to be explored in every corner.

The most beautiful places in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The region is often underestimated, but Friuli-Venezia Giulia is rich in sights and resources: historical cities, the sea, and mountains, there is something for every taste. One of the most brilliant pearls, of course, is Trieste. Culture, history, art, as well as corners where nature will be the main character. And then Friuli-Venezia Giulia will give you authentic flavors rich in impurities even in the kitchen. So all that remains is to discover its beauties and experience them with us.

The 12 most beautiful places in Catania that are worth seeing

Catania, destroyed several times by eruptions, earthquakes and invasions, has always managed to revive. The sights of Sicily are countless, and this area unites some of them among architectural treasures, cultural offerings and the liveliness typical of creative cities full of exchanges. Its historical center is included in the UNESCO Heritage List, not to mention the beaches of Catania and its surroundings: real oases of relaxation and beauty.