The best beach resorts in Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination. The best resorts in Indonesia are Jimbaran, Kuta, Pemuteran, Sumatra, Uluwatu.

Mount Agung in the sunrise, Sidemen, Bali, Indonesia


Sunny exotic Bali island does not need advertising. One of the best and most popular resorts on this island is Jimbaran. The pride of this city is numerous restaurants with seafood and fresh fish, clean beaches, and picturesque sunsets.

Jimbaran is not very crowded. Lovers of outdoor activities, windsurfing, and snorkeling often come here, but adherents of a quiet and relaxing holiday will also be satisfied. Recreation in the bosom of nature and away from the hustle and bustle is combined in Jimbaran with a high level of service and a developed tourist infrastructure.

Jimbaran is a quiet resort suitable for families with children. A beach holiday here can be successfully combined with a cultural one, for example, going on an exciting excursion to ancient temples and rice fields.
The cost of a holiday in Jimbaran ranges from $1300 to $2000 per week.


The seaside resort of Kuta has gained a reputation as a fashionable youth city. The beaches of Kuta, covered with fine white sand, stretch along the ocean for 8 kilometers. This is an ideal place for surfing, Kuta is considered the center of surfing in Bali. Both day and night, an active life is boiling on the coast of Kuta, music is playing and people are having fun. For party lovers, there are many bars, discos, and nightclubs in the city. There is nothing for children to do in noisy Kuta, but there is no better place for active youth.

The vast majority of all hotels and other tourist facilities are located close to the beach. The beach itself is quite wide, with a gentle slope, and there are no big waves near the shore. Beaches belonging to hotels are located in small bays, so there are no waves there. A large modern water park and the largest surf school in Bali have been built in Kuta.

A week-long trip to the resort of Kuta costs an average of $1500 for two.


The resort region of Pemuteran is the best place for those who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pemuteran is a picturesque tropical village with fine sandy beaches and traditional Balinese culture. The best time to travel is from the beginning of May to the middle of September, during this period there is no rain or bad weather, although in winter the weather in Pemuteran does not disappoint and does not spoil the rest.

In addition to beach holidays, there are unique opportunities for snorkeling and diving. A project to create an artificial coral reef has been implemented in Pemuteran, where you can spend an unforgettable few hours with a mask and snorkel. This is a secluded resort without a large influx of tourists, the ocean is calm and shallow.

Among the attractions of Pemuteran, it is worth noting the Monkey Temple, where tourists can feed animals and take pictures with them. Several modern hotels have been built along the beach, but there are no eateries or merchants on the beach itself.

The cost of living in local hotels is slightly lower than at more popular resorts, and prices for a week-long tour start from $1250.


Sumatra Island is the fifth-largest island in the world and one of the best resorts in Indonesia. The best time to travel to Sumatra is summer and the first half of autumn, during the dry season.

This is a volcanic island, so the sand on the beaches is dark, and there are many unique mountain lakes in the depths of Sumatra. The best beach in Sumatra is the spacious Tuk-Tuk beach, located in North Sumatra on the island of Samosir. The beach is located on the territory of a national natural park and is not equipped with sun loungers or canopies. However, it attracts many travelers with the opportunity to meet representatives of the local wild fauna right on the beach.

The village of Tuk-Tuk in Sumatra is a unique place with distinctive traditions and culture. The season here lasts all year round, you can swim in winter, but we must remember that there is a lot of rain in winter.
A trip to Sumatra approximately costs $1400 for two people per week.


Uluwatu Resort is located on the picturesque south coast of Bali. Here guests are welcomed by white sand beaches and rocky shores. There are several wonderful beaches here.

Small and not too crowded Padang-Padang is interesting because the passage to the ocean lies through a narrow gorge, and on the sand and in the water near the coast there are boulders. Surfers will certainly appreciate the famous Uluwatu Beach with high waves.

Dreamend is considered a popular beach on Uluwatu. There are strong waves and an impressive landscape. Uluwatu is not suitable for bathing. This place was chosen by professional surfers. On the shore, there are spas, good restaurants with local cuisine, and surf schools.

A week’s vacation in Uluwatu costs about the same as at other resorts – about $1400.

The best resorts in Indonesia are perfect for any category of tourists, there is something to do here for families with children, young people, and elderly people.

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