The most beautiful beaches of the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands, always a place much loved by Italians and not only, is a truly fascinating archipelago to discover. Golden beaches, cliffs, black volcanic beaches, a beautiful sea and many opportunities for active recreation, from boating to diving.

Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches of the Lipari Islands!

Canneto Beach, Lipari

Tourists call it the best on the island. It is surrounded by a wide and long bay covered with gravel and sand. This beach is famous, first of all, for its clear water and not too deep bottom. All this makes it ideal for all types of visitors, whether they are families with children or diving enthusiasts.

Source:, Canneto Beach, Lipari

The beach is very well equipped and offers rental of umbrellas and sun loungers, kiosks and bars, rental of sports equipment and water bikes. Where it is: it is located on the east coast of the island of Lipari, not far from the city of the same name and not far from the port, which is only 12 minutes by car or taxi.

Ideal for: relaxation and sports.
Type: gold sand, gravel and stones.

White beaches, Lipari

Not far from the previous one, this beach is a long stretch of natural and wild coast. This beach is surrounded by impressive rocks, and behind it is dense vegetation, the ground is completely covered with stones and pebbles, and the water is warm and bright turquoise, so transparent that it offers a beautiful view of the seabed. It is not equipped and does not offer many services other than a swimming pool with a bar, restaurant and games for children, but in summer it is still filled with tourists who prefer more natural beaches. Despite this, it remains a wonderful beach for relaxation and scuba diving!

Where it is: it is located on the east coast of the island of Lipari, still in Canneto, almost 5 kilometers from the port, from where it can be reached in about 20 minutes by Statale 180.

Ideal for: relaxation and snorkeling.
Type: stones.

Black Sands Beach, Vulcano

This beach is a real naturalistic gem in the bay. This is by far the most picturesque beach on Vulcano Island! It is known that the dark-colored sand is of volcanic origin, and in fact, the island has a bottom of lava stones. This wonderful combination creates unusual reflections during the day, which are further enhanced at sunset, when you can enjoy the characteristic red hues and a magnificent view of the entire bay and the large rocks off the coast, such as Scolo. Of. Sirens.

From the point of view of service, this beach is fully equipped, and there are several hotels and restaurants in the neighboring village, besides the water is quite shallow, which makes it ideal for children. Where it is: It is located in Baia di Ponente, on the northwest coast of the island of Vulcano, near the village of Porto di Ponente and 5 minutes by car or taxi from the port of the island.

Ideal for: relaxation.
Type: volcanic sand and rocks.

Kalkara Beach, Panarea

This is the most characteristic section of the coast of Panarea. It stands on the crater of a very ancient, but now harmless volcano, whose vapors and gases with their special smells are still visible and palpable, which in no way makes the time spent on the beach unpleasant. It stretches over a short stretch of golden sand and pebbles, is washed by clear water and beautiful color, is completely immersed in nature with dense vegetation behind it and a Tobacco Grotto at the northern tip.

This place is not equipped for tourists, as there is absolutely wild nature here, great for recreation. Boat trips off the coast are very interesting, which will make you admire the natural beauty of the island. Where it is: in the north of the eastern coast of the island of Panarea, in the area of Ditella, from which about twenty minutes on foot along a steep path, you can also get there in 5 minutes by car or taxi from the port.

Ideal for: relaxation and boating.
Type: stones and sand.

Cala Junco Beach, Panarea

It is located in a special bay, which is called the most beautiful in the whole archipelago because of the extravagant shape of the rocks. This bay is actually surrounded by rather strange rock formations, on which natural pools have formed over time, in which bathing is very pleasant and relaxing.

Reflecting the sun, the water acquires different colors, from emerald green to rich blue. Even this beach is not equipped with services, but it is still often crowded at the height of summer, but it remains a paradise worth visiting at least once! Where it is: it is located in the extreme south of the west coast, on the island of Panarea, the nearest village is Drauto, and the port is 13 minutes away by car, continuing the last leg exclusively on foot along the ancient trail.

Ideal for: relaxation.
Typology: rocks and rocks.

Skari Beach, Stromboli

It is located near the port of Stromboli, a long strip of land with dark sand and lava stones that stretches on both sides of the pier. Despite the proximity of the port, contrary to what one might think, even on this beach the sea does not disappoint, on the contrary, it maintains a high level of beauty of the beaches of the archipelago with its crystal clear water.

Its location is also strategic, as it offers a beautiful view of the island’s main volcano, Strombolicchio. In addition, the beach is well equipped with tourist services and is very close to the city, where there are many hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Where it is: on the east coast of the island of Stromboli, a few steps from the port and the city.

Ideal for: relaxation and nightlife.
Type: dark sand and stones.

Ficogrande, Stromboli

It is located on the characteristic island of Stromboli. This beach is popular with visitors to the island both because of its beauty and because of the services offered. In fact, this is the only beach on Stromboli where there are several rest points in addition to classic services such as changing rooms, public bathrooms and umbrella rentals. There is even a beach volleyball court where you can play with friends or participate in real tournaments!

As for beauty, on the other hand, you are on another beautiful black beach with volcanic sand strewn with rocks, and the sea is perfectly clear and spectacular turquoise color. Where it is: on the east coast of the island of Stromboli, 15 minutes on foot and 5 by car from the port, and from the city only 10 minutes on foot.

Ideal for: relaxation.
Type: volcanic sand and rocks.

Bazzina Beach, Alicudi

Alicudi is a small green island, ideal for lovers of unspoilt nature and recreation, on which there is this very short stretch of coast made of pebbles, in a bay where the water is crystal clear and the seabed is rich in stones. Here lovers of diving and snorkeling will find a real underwater paradise! Those who just want to relax can do it in complete peace and without worry, because there are no services or bathing facilities on the beach, and the only thing that can be seen around is the lush nature consisting of rocks, trees and Mediterranean plants. In this regard, do not forget to take with you everything you need for the day, including food and water, as there are no restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity!

Where: on the east coast of the island of Alicudi in Castello, almost 2 km from the port and the main town, it can be reached in 35 minutes on foot and 10 by car after a long journey.

Ideal for: relaxation and snorkeling.
Type: stones.

Pollara Beach, Salina

This is one of the most unusual places. What distinguishes it is the majestic reddish rocks behind it, which, in addition to being charming for their natural beauty, protect the beach from the wind, allowing the water to always be smooth, with beautiful turquoise reflections. The beach itself is a small area of stones and dark gravel, obviously not equipped with any services due to its shape, there is also a prehistoric crater in the sea, which is now flooded, but the remains of which are still visible during dives.

Source:, Pollara Beach, Salina

Where it is: located in the north of the island of Salina, 30 minutes by car from both ports of the island and 5 from the city.

Ideal for: relaxation and diving.
Type: sand and stones.

Capo Graziano Beach, Filicudi

In the southern part of Filicudi Island there is a wide strip of land called Capo Graziano, where there is a beach of the same name, the most beautiful on the whole island. This is a long beach with volcanic pebbles, as well as crystal clear water, which acquires various shades of color thanks to a beautiful background that allows you to dive superbly. Even this beach does not offer any services, but there are several hotels and restaurants in the immediate vicinity, but, above all, rent boats and jet skis to get to it by sea, not by land.

Where it is: on the southern coast of Filicudi Island, 5 minutes by car from the port and 9 minutes from the nearest towns, Stimpagnato and Pecorini a Mare.

Ideal for: relaxation and diving.
Type: stones.

The Aeolian Islands have always attracted tourists, and considering this, for many years there has been a well-developed hospitality system, offering all possible services, transport, accommodation, restaurants and clubs.
The main island is best equipped: Lipari.

Getting to the Lipari Islands is not at all difficult and not expensive, on the contrary, you can fly from several Italian airports at low prices, starting from about 30 euros. There is also no shortage of messages by sea, for example, from Naples and Milazzo.

Once in the archipelago, it is not difficult to move between the islands, as they are connected by continuous ferries. For full autonomy, it is offered to rent a car at a price of about 50 euros per day. Accommodation is offered at very reasonable prices, a hotel room costs an average of 30 to 50 euros with breakfast!

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