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Prague is an amazing city. It is the capital of the Czech Republic and its business card. Prague is included in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world. By the way, Prague got its second name – “the city with a hundred towers” – thanks to B. Volzano. At the very beginning of the nineteenth century, he simply counted all the towers in the city. There were a little more than a hundred of them. Now you will count more than five hundred sharp spires.

Although Prague was changing, it kept the old buildings. They are mostly preserved in the center. You can see Hradcany, i.e. the Kremlin of Prague. It is located to the left of the Vltava. In addition, the Small Country, which is also located to the left of the river, belongs to the historical buildings.

On the right are the Old Place, which impresses with its beauty and mystery, and the New Place. It is in this New City that the offices of all large and prosperous firms are located. In addition to these buildings, the UNESCO World Organization has added the Jewish Ghetto and Visegrad to the World Heritage List.

The Royal Road

The Royal Road deserves special attention. It had an important historical significance. The fact is that King Charles IV had a tradition. All kings at the coronation had to come from Visegrad to Prague Castle by this road. Today you will be able to pass there. Along the way, you will see the Powder Tower, Old Town Square, and Charles Bridge. If you want to go further, you will see Malostranskaya Square and Prague Castle.

The Old Town is especially popular with tourists. Its history begins in the tenth century. Initially, the city was surrounded by a protective wall, at the base of which 13 towers were laid.

Only one has survived to our times – the Powder One. The city itself is simply amazing. Every corner in it is a witness to many historical events. The Old Town Square preserves many ancient monuments. In addition, it is the center of Prague. Narrow cobblestone streets radiate from it in a circle. On the left side, you will see many houses: “Sixtus house”, “At the stone lamb”, “At the white unicorn” and others. In the very center of the square, there is a magnificent town hall. It is crowned with an amazing watch. Every hour the chimes strike for the whole city. At the same time, figures of various characters appear from the doors. It is also interesting that the clock was created in 1410. Nearby you can see the most beautiful Cathedral of the Virgin.

Prague Castle

It is in it that the grave of T. Brahe is located, as well as the monument to Jan Huss, the famous Czech hero. In addition, you will be able to visit the former Jesuit college. Now there is a huge library in this building. This building is the second largest in Prague (Prague Castle is in the first place). On the right side, there is a museum of Sour Cream. You will be able to see its amazing exhibits, as well as climb to a high observation deck, from where you will have a magnificent view of the city. After walking a little, you will see the Stavovsky Theater. It was built in 1783. And five years later Mozart himself presented his famous work “Don Juan”. Prague is famous for its squares. Here is another one of them – Wenceslas. At the entrance, you will see the monument to St. Wenceslas.

In addition, many historical events took place on this square. Throughout the twentieth century, waves of rallies and revolutions took place in Prague. It was on Wenceslas Square that a crowd of discontented people gathered and began rallies. The government did not ignore this tragic fact in the history of its people and erected a monument in honor of all the victims.

All the famous buildings have a long history, take at least Havel city. It was built in 1234. Only the magnificently decorated arches on Havelskaya Street have survived to this day. You can also see the monastery of St. Anezhka, which was built around the same time. Hradcany was built a little later. Its territory covers the entire left bank of the river. You will be able to see the magnificent Royal Castle. It was founded in the IX century and since then has been a historical, cultural, and political center. The most famous place is the Strahov Monastery and the Museum of Literature of the Czech Republic, founded in the middle of the XII century.

There is a large library in the monastery. It is of particular interest to scientists because there are the oldest manuscripts and books. Hradcany Square would not have changed since its foundation, if not for the Great Fire of 1541! After him, many buildings were rebuilt, but their location has not changed. The famous Schwarzenberg-Lobkowitz Palace houses the Museum of Military History. Across the street, you will see the National Gallery.

To enter the square, you need to pass the gate. They have a constant guard on duty. And if you want to see the changing of the guard, you need to come to the gate at noon. It is then in a solemn atmosphere that the soldiers pass the post to each other. There are several squares in Prague Castle. Each of them is famous for its buildings. But the interest for tourists is the Cathedral of St. Vitus. It houses a crypt with the relics of St. Wenceslaus.

Many people come here as pilgrims. Previously, there was a crypt of kings in the cathedral. You will be able to see the museum located directly underground.

“Zlata Street” is also worthy of your attention. It consists of only a couple of houses. It is notable for the fact that the houses were built directly from the fortress wall, and they are painted in different colors. Legend has it that it was here that alchemist scientists lived who sought to unravel the mystery of the “philosopher’s stone”. . In addition, the famous F. Kafka grew up on this street.

Royal Garden

The Royal Garden is famous for the majestic Belvedere Palace, as well as the singing fountain. Drops of water hitting a stone create sounds resembling the chime of bells. A Powder bridge leads from the garden.
At the entrance to it, you can visit the Powder Tower, which currently houses the museum. You will also see the Lion’s Yard, which previously contained dangerous predators.

Visit Petrzyn. Here you will find a huge park, a large number of attractions and much more. You can get to the hill by ski lifts. The local observation tower offers a wonderful view of the city.

Visit Troy. From above, it looks like a green spot on the territory of the city. You will be able to see the stunning palace. It has been under restoration for a very long time and opened to visitors not so long ago. On the tour, you will see an amazing collection of art by Czech masters. In addition, you can take a walk along very beautiful paths. Their total length reaches twelve kilometers.

There is a zoo opposite the palace. You will be able to observe the animals in their natural environment, as their enclosures are very large. Another attraction of the city is the Nuselsky Bridge. It is built at an altitude of forty meters above the waters of the Yar. In addition to automobile traffic, the bridge is crossed by the metro.

Prague is a city with a huge number of museums, ancient buildings, exhibitions, palaces, and cathedrals. You can visit the National Gallery. It contains unique exhibits from antiquity to the present day. The Czech Music Museum offers you various instruments, as well as musical notations – in general, everything that influenced the development of music in the Czech Republic. You can touch on the history of Mozart in his museum. He will present you with furniture, paintings, and objects that belonged to the great composer.

Prague Museums

Archaeologists have found various objects within the city. They are now in the public domain and are on display in the city museum. An excursion to the People’s Technical Museum will be very interesting for you. You will be told who and how invented the phone, TV, the camera, and much more. And in the Wax Museum, you will see so many famous and famous personalities that your head will spin. The Museum of the History of the Middle Ages tells about various events and wars. You will see various armor, tools, as well as copies of famous jewelry.

In the evening you can visit one of the great variety of theaters, such as the Black Theater, the People’s Theater, the Spiral Theater, and others. Fans of chamber music can enjoy the work of great composers in the churches of Saints Havel and Martin.

Prague restaurants and cafes deserve a special conversation. You will be able to enjoy the magnificent taste of national dishes. U Fleku is famous for its beer. It is served in tall glasses to visitors in a specially designated hall. The Chertovka restaurant has a well-groomed terrace. It’s so nice to enjoy the taste of cool beer on a warm summer evening and look at the Old Town.

The castle of Krivoklat is built in the Gothic style. It is located forty kilometers from Prague. The castle is located in an ecologically clean area classified by UNESCO as a nature reserve. In the old days, kings came to Krivoklat to hunt. The castle originally looked very different from what it is today. The last transformation happened to him in the XV century. You will be shown frightening objects of torture. But they are in the Round Tower.

You will also be able to see stunning, chic halls that have preserved their furnishings. You will be able to see one-of-a-kind sculptures and paintings by famous masters and artists. The tour will show you such amazing places as the cliffs of Nezabudice and the village of Tyrov.

Prague is unique. She is unique, amazing, and mysterious. Her houses and buildings keep many secrets. They witnessed significant historical events. This city is ideal for tourists of all age groups. You will be able to touch the history and see this beautiful city firsthand.

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  1. My only advice would be to go for an Uber or a Lyft instead of a taxi, they charge like crazy if they see you’re a tourist. Public transportation is great during the day but if you need a ride in the middle of the night, Uber is your best choice.

  2. You should mention the food! I was amazed how diverse the food scene was, if you’re vegetarian you will have no problems in finding excellent hotspots.

  3. I will forever be in love with Prague’s cobblestones, its mix of colorful modern buildings and baroque architecture, it’s a city that has a little for everyone.

  4. I am somewhat bummed with all the chaos with airports, luggage, check in time etc. I resorted mostly to staycations or car trips this summer, I am in no mood to deal with delayed flights or lost baggage. Hoping for a late autumn trip to Prague #fingerscrossed

  5. Old Town square at night is breathtakingly beautiful! Their Our Lady Before Tyn gothic church is the right vibe!

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