The most beautiful places in Trento

Trento is a small town that can be easily visited in 2 or 3 days, but this does not prevent you from staying even for a week, on the contrary it would be a great idea that would allow you to discover its surroundings every day in a new place. Day trips that can be made in Trento are endless and varied. In fact, they range from city tours to mountain tours, from lakes to nature parks, from recreation to small nature hikes.

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One hour drive and trains and buses run well. You will find a colorful and always lively city with medieval buildings with elements of the Austro-Hungarian period, where you can discover interesting museums and castles, including the archaeological museum and Roncolo Castle, which cannot be missed. Immerse yourself in Via Goethe and Piazza delle Erbe, a colorful square in the heart of the city. Don’t miss the Piazza Walter square, where the beautiful cathedral and the Romanesque basilica are located.

The city is ideal for a one-day visit, either on your own or with an excursion, for example in the historical center or in the wine cellars and when you finish visiting the main attractions you can enjoy a good aperitif or one of the many activities offered, such as Christmas fairs from November to January, as well as music or gastronomic festivals in other seasons.

Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo

Whether it’s winter or summer, the lake is always very impressive. We suggest visiting two sites in one day, 5 minutes from each other and about 30 minutes from Trento. Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo are named by their respective countries and two of the Trentino pearls that received the Blue Flag.

We suggest you to go quietly in the morning towards Levico, where the lake is a small pearl surrounded by nature, with a small space for infrastructure and a dense frame of trees and bushes, an ideal place for a quiet walk, and then a walk around the neighborhood.

Immediately after moving to Caldonazzo, where the lake is larger and rich in ice cream parlors, restaurants, sports facilities and the possibility of various activities such as canoeing and water skiing, therefore ideal for classes.

In addition, in summer both lakes are suitable for swimming and equipped with beaches and there is no shortage of parties and events in various clubs, and in winter it is pleasant to walk, admire the scenery and stop for some photographic shots.

Lake Garda with a ferry cruise

The magnificent Lake Garda is a famous natural attraction, located about an hour or more from Trento. A trip to Lake Garda means visiting many beautiful places that do not lose their charm even in winter. For example, in this mini-cruise that we offer, you will depart from Garda and dock in Sirmione, Limone sul Garda and Malcesine. The lake can be reached from Trento by car or train, and then take a ferry that takes you across the clear waters to discover villages, castles, vineyards and breathtaking views. The tour usually takes a whole day, however, you can simply choose one of the amusement parks located on the lake, including Gardaland.

Val di Fumo (Adamello Brenta Nature Park)

If you are in Trento and want to visit the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, know that even in this case you will have to choose a specific place, since we are talking about the largest protected area in Trentino with a length of 620 square kilometers, which covers several countries. In this regard, we note the Val di Fumo, an almost unknown and completely untouched place immersed in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, located an hour and a half drive from Trento, which you can visit on your own and without an excursion. This long nature walk takes place in a picturesque area between a green valley crossed by a stream, which in some places creates small jumps and the scenery of the Adamello group mountains around. At the end you will reach the characteristic Alpine refuge where you can refresh yourself with hot or cold drinks and a delicious cake.

Spormaggiore Wildlife Park

Are you an animal lover? You are in the right place. Which region is better for observing Alpine wildlife than Trentino. About half an hour drive from Trento. In Val di Non, here is another excursion that will take most of the day, ideal for all ages, from children to the elderly, and also in this case for an independent visit.

The Spormaggiore Wildlife Park is a theme park created to reintegrate and protect typical local animals such as brown bears, roe deer, lynxes, wild cats, owls, wolves and foxes, which can be seen in the park, but in complete safety. In fact, each of them is dedicated to its own area, in which an area equal to the one where it should be found in nature with beeches, firs, larches, bushes and waterways is recreated.

In addition to observations, walking along the paths of the park is pleasant surrounded by greenery, in silence and only the sounds of nature. At the end of the visit, you can have a drink or eat something at the park bar with a souvenir shop.

Sanctuary of San Romedio

Also in Val di Non, half an hour’s drive from the Spormaggiore Park and 45 minutes from Trento, there is this sanctuary located in the village of San Romedio, which will take a couple of hours to visit. In fact, this trip can also be made in half a day in combination with the Spormaggiore Wildlife Park, in any case independently, without a tour, simply relying on public transport.

You will find yourself in the middle of nature on a 70-meter cliff. A staircase of 131 steps leads to it. It is the greatest example of medieval Christian art and one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in Trentino, consisting of several churches and chapels. There are many legends associated with this sanctuary.


A beautiful city that can be reached independently by bus or train within a 50-minute walk and can be visited either alone or during a guided walking tour among the treasures of the city. If you think of Verona, the love of Romeo and Juliet and concerts at the famous Arena immediately come to mind. To top it all off, medieval and Baroque buildings, narrow streets and the historic center have been declared a World Heritage Site.

Verona will amaze you among the houses of Giulietta, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza Bra and of course the impressive Arena, as well as various churches and numerous bridges along the Adige River and to discover the city and its history in the best possible way, there is definitely no shortage of tours offered once you reach your destination. Finally, to complete the trip in the best possible way, you can’t miss the traditional aperitif with Spritz and cicchetti.

Madly Castle

This attraction requires a visit of several hours, an average of 2 and a half to be exact. It is located in Besenello in the Adige Valley, 20 minutes from Trento and is the largest fortress in Trentino built on top of a hill. Arriving at the place, you immediately notice the imposing sixteenth-century bastions that were added to the castle to fortify it in anticipation of a siege with firearms, but the real magic comes when you enter and start visiting its huge gardens and rooms. A series of games are held in the large courtyard, and weapons and armor are displayed in the rooms, as well as tools and working tools decorated with beautiful frescoes. The charm of Castel Beseno is an invitation to visitors to touch everything with their own hands, which will allow you to wear helmets and wield swords, so that it will be more convenient for you when visiting.

Finally, to finish as best as possible, walk along the system of paths along the walls and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the green valley. It should also be noted that various events and historical reconstructions take place here in the summer.

Integral Nature Reserve 3 peaks of Monte Bondone and Alpine Botanical Garden

This Integral Nature Reserve is located 40 minutes from Trento, a few minutes from it, as well as the Alpine Botanical Garden in the Viote area. Both stages can be completed in one day and completely offline.
The reserve covers an area of 233 hectares, consisting of 3 peaks of 2100 meters each (Dos d’abramo, Cima Cornetto and Cima Verde), and is crossed by the Rio Val Magna River, which is divided into three streams of the Roggia di.

Source:, Monte Bondone

Garniga, Roggia di Sopramonte and Roggia dei Molini. Inside, a wide variety of routes are available, each of which offers crazy natural landscapes. Among the dense vegetation of larch, fir, spruce and pine, as well as with a wide variety of fauna of deer, roe deer, chamois, marmots, eagles and many other mountain animals. One of these routes, in particular, leads to the Alpine Botanical Garden, one of the oldest and largest in the Alps with a width of 10 hectares and a collection of 2,000 species of alpine plants, some of which are endangered, located among rocky flowerbeds and lakes, meadows, peat bogs and groves.

Fort Belvedere Gshvent

It is located in Lavarone, 40 minutes from Trento and is a military structure belonging to the Austrian system of fortifications on the Italian border, which will take you only a couple of hours to visit, so this trip is also ideal for those who have half a day. The structure is located on a rocky spur at an altitude of 1177 meters and was built to repel attacks and protect the surrounding area.

Today, an exhibition of finds, objects and photographs is housed inside. Divided into three floors and different themes that follow chronologically on a timeline that goes from the first to the Second World War, telling the story of the fort and its origins, military operations and battles right here and finally various general themes related to the war. To make the visit suitable for all visitors, the information was written in Italian, German and English.

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