Top 10 places to go in Poland during your vacation

Vacation is always good, especially in the beautiful and atmospheric places of Poland. But there are so many of them, where is it better to go and where is it better to spend your vacation?


Skansen, Poland

Skansen is located in the town of Sanok. It is believed that this is one of the largest open-air museums. Its area is about 380 thousand square meters, where there are hundreds of unique buildings evoking old memories, beliefs, and legends.


There are many different lakes in Poland: small and large, deep and not very deep, but most importantly, they are all very beautiful.

Lake Morskie-Oko.

Lake Morskie-Oko is located near the Tatra National Park, near the Mengushovets peaks. On all sides, the lake is surrounded by mountains stretching several thousand meters up. To get to the lake, you need to cover a distance of 9 km. It is possible to choose whether to walk this distance on foot or by horse-drawn carts.

Lake Morskie-Oko

Multicolored lakes.

The reservoirs of the Rudava National Park seem truly magical. Previously, there were large mines on the site of these lakes, where people extracted minerals at the beginning of the XVIII century. After some time, mining stopped, gradually, and lakes formed in abandoned quarries, which were repainted in yellow, purple, blue, and green colors during chemical reactions.

Zegzhinskoe Lake.

This is an artificial reservoir on the river and now it is very popular among tourists. On hot summer days, coolness lives there, and the beautiful view is simply fascinating.

Lakes in Poland


Undoubtedly, Poland is known for its old and majestic buildings, namely castles. They can be found in almost every city, so here is a list of the most popular and beautiful castles throughout its territory.

Old castle in the mountians

Moshnensky Castle.

It stands near the Opole voivodeship, near the village of Moszna. The castle was built around the XVIII-XIX centuries, on the site of the infamous castle of the Von Thiele-Winkler family. Nowadays, it has been converted into a cafe-restaurant, a hotel, and even a spa. Vernissages often take place in the spacious halls of the building, and in the large chapel, they try to play sacred music regularly. The influx of tourists usually falls in warmer seasons, but the castle continues to work in winter. For those who want to “tickle the nerves” a little, excursions to underground labyrinths and catacombs are regularly held.

Crusader Castle in Malbork.

The structure is an old Gothic defensive structure, and its second name is the big brick mountain. To date, the castle has been almost completely restored and is open for excursions.

Malbork Castle

The ruins of the Rabshtyn Castle.

The ruins are located in the Lesser Poland voivodeship and are a former defensive castle of the knights of the XIII century. A small part of the building was restored, but only the frame remained of the rest of the castle. But this, like many tales about the castle, only attracts tourists.


Of course, in addition to castles, there are an incredible number of beautiful cities in Poland that represent separate places to visit, among them Zamost, Torun, Krakow, Wroclaw, and others.

Streets in Poland

Poland is a very beautiful country with stunning architecture and an unforgettable landscape. Those who consider themselves real tourists should definitely visit this state.

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