Robinson Crusoe Island. Is it real?

The island belongs to Chile as part of the archipelago of Juan Fernandez, who discovered it in 1574. At the same time, it does not stand out for its size, even a little smaller than, for example, the Lipnenskoye reservoir. It is home to less than a thousand locals, whose livelihood is provided mainly by hunting marine animals, and tourists who come here not only in search of the legend of the book.

The Berlin Wall – 10 Things You May Not Know About the Berlin Wall

The beginning of the construction of the Berlin Wall was laid in August 1961. By the GDR troops were tied to the conditionally dividing line, following the order to enclose the border with barbed wire to close sections of the border. Such an act of the military could not but cause a surprise on the part of the locals. Who gathered the next morning and for a long time flatly refused to disperse. The resulting unrest rapidly turned into a raging rally, which had to be suppressed with a water cannon.

Taj Mahal is one of the 7 Wonders of the World, India

storical sources claim that after the death of his beloved, Shah Jahan spent seven days in his chambers, after which, according to the statements of witnesses, he changed greatly, turning gray and aged outwardly for many years. As a result of the shock he suffered, the Padishah ordered him to perpetuate his memory and love for his beloved wife forever by building a grand mausoleum.

The Mexican Cave of Swallows and why it got its name?

The Swallow Cave owes its name to the abundant colonies of birds that live on the inner slopes of the tunnel. Locals call this place “the basement of Swallows” but birds of this genus are practically absent in it. For the most part, the cave is occupied by swifts and parrots. Swallows probably lived here at the time when the cave was given this nickname.