Unforgettable holidays in Croatia in 2022. Resorts in Croatia

In Croatia in 2022, you can go on vacation and lovers of swimming in the sea, active tourists, and those who are interested in architectural monuments. There are enough resorts in this country, the most interesting places for tourists are described below.


In Split, located on the peninsula, the buildings of the 15th century are surprisingly combined with modern buildings made of glass and concrete.

Guests are offered to stay in cozy rooms in apartments, villas, and hotels. In the five–star Park Split Hotel, a minute’s walk from Bachvice – one of the best beaches, you can stay for a day for less than 5 thousand rubles.
From the sea, this Croatian resort is surrounded by picturesque islands, where the mansions of famous stars are located. The water in it has an incredibly beautiful shade. Turquoise quartzite lies at the bottom.

A special celebrity of Split is the Diocletian Palace. On its territory, it is interesting to see the medieval cathedral in the form of an octagon, the temple of Jupiter. Among the unique historical monuments, the Golden and Silver gates are well preserved.

The architecture of the city is represented by various epochs. It’s nice to take a walk in such a picturesque park as “Plitvice Lakes”.


The resort of Croatia Porec is located in a lagoon characterized by rugged shores.

On the embankment, with a unique view of the islands, there are many cafes where tourists like to gather. In the old part of the resort, where tall pine trees grow, guests come to look at the temples of the Roman Empire, the fortress walls created in the Middle Ages.

The town is much smaller than Split, but there is no shortage of hotels here. There are also places for families with kids to relax. You can book an excursion from the staff of the establishments, buy tickets for an entertainment program, and rent a car.

There are no sandy beaches here, but most of them are equipped with a special descent to the sea.

To see the beauty of the city, climb the tower of the Euphrasian Basilica. Guests of the resort are interested in visiting the Mara for Square, where the ruins of a Roman structure, and the temples of Martha and Neptune are located.

From the embankment, travelers like to go on cruises, where they will see the Lima Canal.


The fact that the history of the resort of Pula is connected with Ancient Rome is reminiscent of the large amphitheater Arena. It still hosts many festivals.

In the appearance of the modern city, there are buildings built in the Gothic style. There are many reminders here that it belonged to both the Venetians and the Austrians.

Beaches are mainly represented by concrete slabs with an equipped descent to the water, some are located directly on the rocks.

The hotels are distinguished by their peculiar design and color. Each of them tries to serve visitors at a high level.

In the ancient center, you can see a Forum built before our era, a fortress in which cannons and models of old ships are stored.


Dubrovnik is known for its architectural monuments created during the Renaissance.

Its beaches are never empty. In restaurants and cafes, guests can choose Croatian and European dishes, of which oysters and lamb meat are the most delicious.

The hotels of the city are represented by inexpensive three-star hotels and comfortable five-star hotels. In the apartment, a room will cost 2 thousand rubles and more.

Many attractions are located in the Old Town. It is quite interesting to get acquainted with the collections in museums – ethnographic and navigation, an ancient synagogue, and fountains designed by an architect from Italy, along with a University center.

You should visit the island of Lokrum, look at the city walls, and go to the pharmacy opened by the Franciscans.


The Croatian resort of Zadar is distinguished by its color. The buildings of the 19th century are adjacent here to the ancient Roman forum and the Cathedral of St. Anastasia. Tourists are attracted by picturesque coves, and pine trees growing on sandy beaches. Families with kids and diving enthusiasts come here. On a rather fascinating journey, they take a ferry to the neighboring islands.

Numerous hotels offer a comfortable stay in Croatia in 2022, regardless of the number of stars.

The guests are interested in the diverse nightlife, tournaments in knight’s armor, and wonderful parks.

Holidays in Croatia in 2022 are perfect for families with children. This country has a wonderful climate, many cultural and historical attractions, and excellent service!

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