Top five ski resorts in Europe

Ski resorts in Europe are the most beloved and most desirable for tourists. In total, they receive millions of tourists a year. What are the most popular? Let’s take a look.

Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor is the largest ski resort in Russia, located near Sochi, in the village of Estosadok, 40 kilometers from Adler. The skiing season starts in December and ends in May. It is famous for its picturesque nature, as it is in the part of the borders of the reserve. Eagles often fly here, and you can also meet rare animals. The average temperature during the season is from -6 to -8 degrees, and sometimes small rains overshadow the rest. The slope is equipped with an artificial snowmaking system.

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The total length of the trails is 110 (one hundred and ten) kilometers, and the height differences are more than one and a half thousand meters. There are nine trails and five lifts in total.

There are more than two hundred hotels, motels, boarding houses, and guest houses on Rosa Khutor. The price per night starts from $45 per night in three-star hotels and up to $150 in four- and five-star hotels. But for those who cannot afford such expenses, you can move into a small room for about $7.


  • you can find entertainment besides skiing;
  • clean air;
  • beautiful landscapes;
  • it’s easy enough to get there.


  • the high cost of accommodation and services;
  • there is only one store on the territory.


The Berchtesgaden resort is located in Germany, in Bayern. The climate is temperate, and the temperature in winter reaches -8 degrees Celsius. There are 37 trails in Berchtesgaden resort and at an altitude of more than one and a half thousand above sea level. Fifteen lifts are working on them. There are six zones for skiing, between which there is a long distance. On some slopes, you can ride at any time of the day.

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There is one ski pass, and for the one-day, the subscription will cost $50-57. Each part has its schools for teaching skiing, and you can always hire an instructor. In addition to the ski resort, there is a National Park, salt mines, and an Eagle’s Nest nearby. The price per night at the hotel starts from $75.

You can get there by train, taxi, or rented car from Munich.


  • beautiful nature;
  • well-equipped trails;
  • many attractions;
  • many cafes and restaurants.


  • the possibility of bad weather.


The Ordino-Alkalis ski base is located in Andorra. Its total area is small. Especially professionals like this ski base because there are a lot of extreme slopes. And there are a lot of “black” trails. Ordino-Alkalis is a remote resort, great for family holidays. The length of the highest highway is two and a half thousand meters. There are twenty-eight of them in total, and fifteen lifts on them. There are rental points, restaurants, a cinema, and a disco stand often held in Ordino-Alkalis. The main attractions are temples that are worth a visit. As well as a mill and a sawmill.

A ski pass for one day costs about $50, and for five days – $220. Accommodation will cost at least $60-65 per night.
You can get there by bus for $3-4 or by car along the CG3 highway.


  • wide trails;
  • few people;
  • there are equipped places for beginners.


  • few trails of average difficulty.


Zelden is a ski resort in Austria. The altitude above sea level is 1400 m, and the length of the trails is 150 km. There are 144 of them in total, and 34 lifts of three types work on them. There are schools where skiing is taught and places to rent equipment in Zelden ski resort in Austria. In addition to skiing, you can visit a sports complex, a spa center, bars, and restaurants. A ski pass for one day will cost $60-65.


  • high-speed lifts;
  • dense snow cover;
  • ice skating;
  • recreation and sports alternate well.


  • expensive resort;
  • long queues.


Davos appeared at a time when skiing was not so popular. Davos is located in Switzerland and is its highest resort – 1560 above sea level. The season starts from December to March. You can get there by bus, train or car.


  • picturesque landscapes;
  • lots of trails and lifts;
  • huge infrastructure.


  • high prices.
  • high-rise buildings hide a beautiful view of the mountains.

The best ski resorts in Europe are open to tourists. They are ready to offer a high level of service and a variety of services.

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