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Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is famous for the large number of coconut palms growing near the sea, due to which the area got its name, “Punta Cana” means “coconut shore”. The Dominican resort of Punta Cana is located in the southeast of the island, in the part where the Caribbean Sea merges with the Atlantic.

Punta Cana is paradise to those who seek clear water and white sand beaches, fringed by palm trees. Coast Punta Cana area extends 50 km from the coast. Bavaro Beach is the largest, considered by the Government of the Dominican Republic as a national treasure because of the wealth of flora, fauna and natural beauty found here.

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The climate is excellent, the days are sunny all year round, which is perfect for a relaxing holiday. The hottest time in the resort are the periods from April to November, the temperature at this time reaches + 32 ° С. The daytime temperature from December to March is +20 ° С. Since the resort is located on a flat plain, there is little rainfall here.

Prices for tour to Punta Cana

Prices for tours from our tour operators for 2 people in Punta Cana start from 57 thousand hryvnias. The tour includes a group transfer, accommodation for 7 nights (standard room), breakfast, health insurance and two-way flight. For a slightly higher price, namely 62 thousand our tour operators offer us a tour that includes meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), round trip, group transfer, medical insurance, and hotel accommodation for 7 days (standard level room).

There are even better tours with more privileges, but accordingly the price is also much higher.


Samana Peninsula – a tour by land and sea

This tour is adored by many tourists. It combines three different tours: horseback riding, truck safari and travel around the island. And if you want something else, you can visit a magnificent natural waterfall. Samana is a peninsula in the northeastern part of the country, just 30 minutes by plane from Punta Cana, one of the favorite parts of the Dominican Republic. Your transport from Samana Airport will be a safari truck that will take you through the highlands of the peninsula so that you can get to know the Dominican culture outside the hotel. Later, when you finish your trip by truck, you will hop on a horse to drive to El Salto del Limon in 30 minutes.

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El Limon is one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls in the whole country. During the tour you will have a terrific opportunity to cool off in its purest waters. After that, you will board a sailing boat that will take you to the delightful and tranquil coast for a delicious Dominican lunch in a cozy atmosphere. After lunch, you will board the catamaran again and head to the island of Cayo Levantado, also called the island of Bacardi. Here, among the tall palm trees, there is a great bar on the beach, where you will have a great opportunity to drink a couple of cocktails and relax a bit.

Scape Park theme park

Situated in the heart of Cap Cana, this park is an incredible natural theme park offering a variety of activities, from adrenaline-filled adventure and fun to cultural and fun. The park covers a huge area of 1 million square meters, covered with limestone relief and teeming with a varied and unusual landscape. The most impressive sight here is the Farallon rock, which is over 100 meters high.

It stretches 800 meters along the coast and serves as a stunningly scenic backdrop to many of the park’s activities. Unleash your senses as you zipline over the abyss, explore ancient caves, and swim in underground caverns. If you’re looking for some peace of mind after such an active holiday, you can cruise the stunning beaches, snorkel in the tropical waters, or unwind at the exclusive Beach Club. The tour price includes pick-up from all major hotels located in Punta Cana, Bavaro and Bayahibe.

Excursion jeep safari in Punta Cana

For thrills and excitement, head to the rugged Jeep Wrangler for a jeep safari in Punta Cana. This amazing adventure starts every morning with a visit to Macau Beach. A bumpy ride through rice paddies and sugarcane plantations awaits you. The tour also offers you the unique opportunity to experience a variety of exotic plants and flowers. You will see many colorful butterflies living in the garden. Once you reach the large garden, you will learn how cocoa and coffee beans were gathered and prepared in ancient times. Take the opportunity to enjoy a fragrant cup and then move on.

This action-packed tour continues to Horseplay Ranch, where you can enjoy the tranquility and breathtaking views. You can also zipline high above the beautiful valleys of the Dominican mountain range. Everyone can go horseback riding. The tour stops at Rancho Real for a glimpse into the fantastic cigar-making process. Here you get the opportunity to roll your own cigar and take home a couple of them as a souvenir! Dominican cigars are valued all over the world on a par with Cuban cigars. And at the end of the day, you will have plenty of time to relax and unwind on the majestic Macau Beach, where you can frolic on its impeccable and unspoiled coastline. The tour ends with a traditional Dominican beach dinner.

Zipline Adventure

This fun and exciting excursion definitely deserves the top spot on our list. After all, this adrenaline-filled adventure is one of the favorites among travelers. You will ride down 15 platforms on 8 ropes stretched at the height of the treetops along beautiful open valleys, conquering your fear of heights. Experienced guides will accompany you from start to finish. They will be especially useful for you on the section where you need to ride on a cable, the length of which is 762 meters. It’s just an unforgettable experience!

Marinarium snorkeling cruise

The Marinarium is an exciting half-day tour that will give you an incredible experience aboard a glass bottom boat, where you can see the varied and colorful marine life along the coast of Punta Cana. You will travel to the Marinarium, an oasis of marine life in the middle of the ocean, where you can swim with stingrays and nurse sharks! From there you will be taken to the clear blue waters of Punta Cana’s Toro area, with an open bar and snacks served on board while dancing to the rhythms of local music. You will enter a stunning natural pool where you can relax while sipping your favorite Caribbean cocktail.

Fun exploration of the caves

In seventh place in our rating is the excursion to the cave, located near the Capote ranch. This is entertainment for true adventurers who are not afraid to get a little dirty and test their physical abilities. You will arrive at Capote Ranch where you will ride a horse to reach the cave entrance. Once you reach the cave, you can go downstairs with the help of a guide and the equipment provided. The cave is located in the Haitises National Park, a virgin extension of the mangrove forest.

These places served as ancient hideouts for pirates and home to the long-extinct Taino Indians, who inhabited the island before Columbus discovered America. You will explore the depths of the cave for over an hour, sometimes crawling on all fours or floating on underground rivers, making your adventure an unforgettable experience. Traveling through the dark corridors of the cave, you get the chance to see Taino’s petroglyphs carved on the walls and be surprised at the large corridors and amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

Excursion by speed boats off the coast of Bavaro

The one who combined the words “speed” and “boat” was a genius! Imagine yourself racing through the Caribbean waters in your very own speed boat. Only adults are allowed to drive the boat. If you are traveling with younger tourists, they can sit in the passenger seat for an equally exhilarating experience as you race through the clear waters of Punta Cana. After riding the speedboat, you can relax and do the so-called snoob diving. Snuba is a cool combination of snorkeling and diving where you explore the ocean floor while carrying a 7m oxygen hos. It gives you the freedom to choose the depth at which you want to swim. Many tourists point out that excursions that include this type of diving are their favorite in the Dominican Republic.

Catalina is a stunningly beautiful uninhabited island known as one of the best snorkeling spots in the Dominican Republic. To get there, you need to take a boat known as “El Fieston” and cruise along the multi-million dollar mansions on the coast of Casa de Campo. Enjoy a great lunch on the beach before donning your snorkeling gear and exploring the beautiful aquatic surroundings. Looking for even more emotion and adventure? Be sure to take a banana boat ride! On the way back, you will visit the Chavon Art Village, home to the most prestigious art school in the country.

Ecological Park and Reserve “Eyes of Indigenous Peoples”

The Eyes of Indigenous Peoples Ecological Park and Preserve, a closed protected area made up of 1,500 acres of low-lying subtropical forests, has been designated for conservation, scientific, research and recreational activities. The Ecological Reserve is a forested area with twelve freshwater lagoons, five of which you can swim in. Historians have found that the Taino Indians, who inhabited the island before Columbus discovered America, called the lagoons “eyes” because of their specific shape. Thus, the Ecological Park and Reserve was named “Ojos Indgenas”, which means “The Eyes of the Indigenous Peoples”. Guests of the Punta Cana Resort and Club and tourists from Punta Cana hotels and resorts can visit the reserve from morning until late evening.

Coco Bongo – show and disco

Coco Bongo is unique entertainment and fun not found anywhere else in the Dominican Republic. We do not recommend leaving Punta Cana without visiting this first class nightclub. Coco Bongo offers unique shows, extraordinary music and the latest in audio and video entertainment. Enjoy its incredible live shows combining cinema, theater, musicals, disco, video, acrobatics, technology and many more surprises! This exciting disco has three levels. The unique and monumental structure of the building stands out against the general background, and its total area is 4016 square meters. A flawless show of light and sound is something no evening at Coco Bongo is complete without.

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