Why should I go to Finland?

How to get?

The flight from Moscow to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, will take no more than two hours, and the train journey will take fourteen hours. From St. Petersburg, the flight itself lasts less than an hour, but in this case, you can most likely face a long transfer. But do not get upset, because buses and trains run from the cultural capital of Russia to Helsinki.


The climate in Finland is temperate, which is suitable for those who do not like the heat. Those who are not eager to get caught in the rain, which will undoubtedly happen, should bring an umbrella with them. When planning a trip in winter, you need to know that in the northern regions of the country you can meet with severe frosts, which is not to say about the capital. But if the goal is to ski down some descent, you can safely go to the northern cities.


It’s worth starting with the largest city in Finland, the capital. There are several museums in the city, both paid, for example, the Museum of Modern Art “Kiasma”, and free, for example, the Helsinki City Museum. You can visit the National Museum, the National Gallery, the Suomenlinna Fortress, the Amos Anderson Art Museum, churches, and temples.

Also in the city, you can go to the theater or opera and walk around the Koryamo culture factory. It is located near the city center in the old tram depot and consists of a tram museum, concert halls, a gallery, a cafe, a bar, and a shop.

There is an Allas swimming pool complex in Helsinki. For tourists with children, there is a children’s pool. Adults can splash and relax in the heated pool or the fenced part of the Baltic Sea.

Between the lakes Nyasiyarvi and Pyhjayarvi, the next destination is the city of Tampere. You can enjoy the views of these lakes from the Nyasinneula observation tower. But the most interesting thing here is the Moomins. Probably everyone knows these fictional creatures created by Tove Jansson. It is in Tampere that the museum of creativity of this Finnish writer is located.

Finland borders Sweden, where tourists can go from the city of Turku. Those who are not going to a neighboring country, but still ended up in Turku, should visit the Abo Castle. If you go on a trip to do shopping, it is best to do it in the city of Lappeenranta. In addition to the pool in the capital, you can swim in the water and go down the slides in the water park in Joensuu. To contemplate natural reservoirs, namely Finnish lakes, and rivers, you should safely go to Savonlinna, where, by the way, there is another castle – the fortress of Olavinlinna. For skiing, the ideal choice is the city of Lahti, where you can not only ride on the ski slopes but also explore the Ski Museum.


You can only go to Finland for sweets, and this is not an exaggeration. Finns have a sweet tooth. So, similar to them in this matter, you should quickly grab backpacks, one of them is for sweets.

Those who do not have a special love for sweets will also find something to profit from. In Finland, there are no special delights for people from Russia, since our dishes are somewhat similar to them, for example, fish soup. Although, of course, the Finns prepare it somewhat differently. From not the most familiar dishes, you can try wickets (local pies), buckwheat pancakes, and rye flour pie with fish and bacon. In addition to the usual beef or pork, meat-eaters should eat at least one roast of venison.

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