Wonderful sights in Haifa, Israel

The northern capital of the State of Israel, the heart of Galilee, the territory of peaceful coexistence of 25 religions is Haifa. The mystery of the most beautiful Mediterranean city. Which has some kind of magical power, is not immediately revealed to the traveler. However, a short stay in these amazing places is enough for a person to be possessed by a trembling feeling of touching the origins of the ancient culture of the peoples living in these blessed places.

Benefits of a holiday in Haifa

Features of communication.

Since 75% of tourists. These are independent travelers, for Russian-speaking guests of the northern capital. There are no obstacles in the ways of communicating with hotel staff, sellers, and residents of the city. Native speech is heard everywhere.

The economy of rest in Haifa.

The cost of a tour to Haifa (from 47 thousand rubles) compares favorably with the prices for tours to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. And other famous cities of Israel.

Extensive choice of accommodation.

Numerous Internet sites are filled with various offers for short-term rental of private housing.

Representative offices of Israeli agencies and specialized companies serving outbound tourism have been opened in Russia. The regional offices provide full information about the desired destination, burning vouchers, prices, current discounts, and attractive promotions.

Opportunities for combined recreation.

Haifa is an ideal place for wellness, therapeutic, sightseeing, and educational recreation. Given the small size of the country and the high quality of roads, moving to other cultural, historical. And spiritual sites will not be difficult or tedious.

Multi-storey Haifa

The appearance of the city for many tourists turns out to be a difficult mystery to solve. Part of the districts occupies a flat territory. The numerous blocks, streets, squares, and parks that occupy the slopes of Mount Carmel. From the seaside, look like a single complex as if wrapping around the hill, rising to the top like an amphitheater. An amazing sight!

There is no traditional center, as is customary in ordinary cities, in Haifa. Almost all of its territory, located on Mount Carmel, is conditionally divided into three parts: lower, middle, and upper. The first line begins in the area of the largest port in Israel. A Government quarter has been built near it, which is distinguished by buildings with very original architectural solutions.

the largest port in Israel

One of them, erected in the shape of a sail, is jokingly named rocket and corn by the locals.

A little higher there is a view of Paris Square, represented by a complex of beautiful buildings. There is a nice fountain and benches nearby, donated by the mayor of Paris. Hence the name of the quarter.

The middle part of the city is reserved for the Adar ha-Karmel shopping district. Whose name comes from the Hebrew word Nehedar (magnificent, beautiful). There is an oriental colorful bazaar filled with loud calls of sellers.

It is interesting to walk through the shopping malls with exotic fruits, herbs, fresh vegetables. And live and frozen fish. There are shopping malls with clothes and household goods. Prices are quite affordable for food, and housing for rent nearby. A sought-after accommodation option for budget tourists!

The upper town is a kind of combination of crowded Adar and aristocratic Carmel. This is a prestigious and expensive area of Haifa, built up with respectable villas. Hidden from the scorching sun by slender palm trees and multi-tiered flower beds. Picturesque nature, cozy hotels and inns, entertainment centers, and branded shopping. All these benefits are intended for wealthy residents and guests of the city. The so-called German Colonies, resembling the quarters of Hesse or Brandenburg, also settled here.

The splendor of the Bahai Gardens, Haifa

The main attraction of Haifa, its calling card is recognized as man-made gardens located on the slopes of Mount Carmel. This real work of design art, which has become a symbol of the city, has been included in the UNESCO list since 2008. The park area is arranged on 19 spacious terraces, cascading up to the Temple with a golden dome. This is the sacred tomb of Baba. the main prophet of the Bahai faith.

Each visitor descends to the mausoleum only from the upper platform, overcoming from 600 to 1700 steps following the chosen route. The garden complex traditionally includes a neighboring block consisting of 85 houses erected by the German Templars in 1875. The distinctive feature of the buildings was the red color of the roofs.

The amazing location of the gardens, as if flowing in amazing cascades down from the temple, is somewhat similar to the sea waves. The architectural idea of this monumental structure was brought to life by Fariborz Sahba. The funds necessary for the construction of the complex ($250 million) were donated by the Worldwide Baha’i Community. The money was collected exclusively from voluntary donations.

Maintenance of the gardens is entrusted to volunteers coming from all over the world. The daily care of plants is entrusted to 90 gardeners. Who perceive this work as a natural process of offering prayers.

The irresistible beauty of the complex is provided by 450 species of trees and plants. Creating an amazing harmony with sculptures and stone fountains separating each level. Some representatives of the planted flora are so ancient that their origin dates back to the time of Solomon.

Many plants have an iconic purpose, Haifa.

For example, the olive tree signifies renewal, peace, and Divine blessing. The Egyptian fig tree with the name Sycamore is mentioned in the Bible. The palm tree became the symbol of Judea. The image of a tropical tree was transferred to ancient Jewish coins in ancient times.

Lanthanum has an amazing effect. It changes colors throughout the year, becoming red, white, yellow, or orange. It is impossible to ignore the evergreen myrtle, exuding a delicate fragrance. The charm of how good the narrow-leaved araucaria is. An irresistible impression is made by eucalyptus and, of course, an almond tree with double flowers of pink, purple or red shades.

In the evening, the park is illuminated by hundreds of spotlights, emphasizing the exquisite beauty of the man-made miracle. Excursions to the Bahai Gardens are open from 9 to 17 hours. Before entering, it is mandatory to pass the face control procedure. Eating and using mobile phones are prohibited on the territory of the complex.

For women, a visit to the Baba Temple is associated with the presence of hats, and clothes covering the shoulders and knees. Compliance with the required rules is mandatory for everyone!

Haifa is attractive not only for sightseeing programs, beach holidays, and luxury attractions. The evening city is filled with a special charm. When the heat subsides, residents of the city and numerous tourists go to the seaside. This is a place of relaxation, immersion in the intoxicating contemplation of the sunset under the soft splash of the incoming waves.

The vacation time spent in this fabulous corner of the planet is coming to an end. Mysterious Israel has revealed a small fraction of the ancient secrets preserved. In the soul of every tourist who has visited the sacred Promised Land at least once, there is hope for the indispensable continuation of this fascinating journey

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