10 things to do in Leeds in a day

Located in the heart of Great Britain, Leeds is a modern and cosmopolitan city, which, nevertheless, is not devoid of interesting historical and cultural heritage. Like many major Yorkshire cities, it boasts a glorious past, a prime example of which are the impressive Victorian buildings scattered around the historic center, including Leeds Town Hall, concert Hall, and theater, as well as the Victoria Quarter, to a former shopping center in the north of England.

8 things to see in Southampton

Welcome to Southampton, a city that deserves to be rediscovered. We are located in the south of England, directly opposite Wright Island. The city port is located on a peninsula between the mouths of the Test and Itchen rivers and is one of the largest in the world. Until the 1930s, it was the busiest port in England for transatlantic passenger flights, which were built at local shipyards.