The best Turkish holiday resort cities in 2022

Turkish resorts are distinguished by the maximum comfortable conditions for recreation. This is reflected in the high level of service, inexpensive prices, magnificent natural landscape, and fascinating sightseeing tours. The tourism industry is based on the principle of “All-inclusive”, which is a significant plus.


Turkish resort towns are located on the Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black Sea coasts. Entertainment complexes, various places of interest, fashionable hotels, and well-maintained beaches are objects that are admired by all vacationers.

Recreation categories

Prestigious. This type includes such resort places as Belek, Didim, Fethiye, Kusadasi, and Bodrum. They host luxury hotels from four to five stars, with golf clubs and SPA salons.

The budget.

Alanya is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Turkey. Family (with children). Fethiye, Alanya, Belek, Marmaris, and Side are perfect for this type of tourism. They have convenient beaches and various entertaining playgrounds.

For the elderly.

This age group of people likes to enjoy the seascapes. Such resorts as Fethiye, Marmaris, Alanya, and Antalya will suit them. Youth. For this category of vacationers, Dalaman, Antalya, Kemer, Side, Marmaris, Alanya, and Bodrum will be suitable. They are famous for the presence of many entertainment and sports grounds for active spending time.

The Turkish resort towns

All the resort towns of Turkey are distinguished by their unique beauty. Moreover, it does not depend on their location concerning the sea.


It is one of the most attractive Asian and European cities. It houses production and retail facilities. It is washed by the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea, and the Bosphorus Strait.

There are unusual architectural buildings inside the city. They are a landmark of Istanbul and its historical heritage. Due to them, a unique inimitable atmosphere is created. The Blue Mosque surrounded by six minarets is considered the symbol of the city. Its height is 64 meters.

Incredible sensations remain from narrow streets, wide squares, gardens filled with fragrant aroma, parks, and squares. Another attraction of Istanbul is the Topkany Palace. It used to be the residence of the sultans. The city is famous for a large number of architectural monuments – palaces and mosques.


is located close to Antalya in the very south of Turkey. The resort town has various natural and historical attractions. In ancient times, the bay with Alanya was given as a gift to Cleopatra.

All shops and entertainment parks are within walking distance from the hotels. It provides facilities for vacationers.

The resort is decorated with groves of oranges and palm trees. There are many shops, cozy cafes, hotels of various categories, and shopping facilities in the city.

Alanya surprises with magnificent coastal areas of sandy beaches. They are separated from each other by beautiful unusual rocky coves. There is a wide choice for recreation – various attractions, parks, unforgettable walks on the sea on small boats, and interesting sightseeing tours.

It is worth visiting the ancient zone of the city, which testifies to its past. For example, a fortress is located on the peak of a hill and stretches along the coastline for seven kilometers. A defensive tower is placed majestically near it. There is also a Damlatash stalactite cave in Alanya, which has healing qualities. Her visit is recommended for people with respiratory diseases.


The city is located on the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered the most famous tourist destination. This resort is famous for its high level of hotel service, comfortable weather and temperature conditions, and well-maintained infrastructure of recreation areas and beaches. A large number of places of interest and entertainment attract people from all over the world to this place.

Due to the comfortable climate in Antalya, you can relax throughout the year. The average temperature is thirty degrees Celsius. The coastal zone is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea with the purest turquoise water. It is rich in incredibly beautiful flowers and palm trees. The resort area delights vacationers with many magnificent reservoirs and parks with fountains. The city center attracts small squares with unusual sculptures and plants. All this looks incredibly impressionable and impressive.

There is also a historical part in Antalya. In it, you can see elegant architectural monuments. A variety of entertainment and sports grounds, water parks, an oceanarium, a zoo, and a dolphinarium contribute to an excellent rest. Luxury restaurants with a variety of Turkish dishes provide a great choice for all gourmets.


More recently, this city was considered a small village in size. Now it belongs to the category of the most expensive resort Turkish cities. It is located in a majestic environment of eucalyptus, pine, and cedar forests. Due to this, Belek has healing air and clean ecology. An excellent confirmation of this is the presence of turtles there, which lay eggs on the shore.

Luxury hotels are located directly on the coastline of the sea. Their territory is decorated with many extraordinarily beautiful flowers and plants. Travelers can enjoy a variety of leisure activities – horse riding and golf. Tourists are also invited to visit the dolphinarium, swimming pool, and water park.


It belongs to the oldest Turkish city. Being on its territory, tourists get into the ancient world. The city occupies a small area. It compactly houses modern buildings and historical architectural structures. The symbol of the city is the ruins of a Greek settlement of the seventh century BC. They consist of the walls of the fortress, the temple of Apollo, and the amphitheater. The resort is suitable for the elderly and families.

The beach areas are covered with sand. They are distinguished by long shallow places, which is perfect for children. Tourists have a wide range of entertainment programs.

The city is filled with the fragrant aroma of cypress and juniper. There are many banana and palm trees in it. The embankment is dotted with chic hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. Of considerable interest among tourists is a visit to the Museum of archeology, which houses various ancient objects.


It is located close to Antalya airport. Therefore, it enjoys wide popularity. On one side it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other – the Taurus Mountains with coniferous forests. Luxury hotels, pebble beaches, incredible landscapes, and the sea with the purest water attract tourists from all over the world.

The city center is decorated with fruit, cedar, and palm trees. The landmark of the resort is the clock tower made of white stone, located in the center of Kemer. The variety of plantings and flower beds is a delight for tourists. There is also a dancing fountain that soars up sharply. A wide variety of entertainment places – a water park, restaurants, and nightlife, will not let any tourist get bored.

The Marmaris

The city is located in an incredibly beautiful bay. It is surrounded by mountains covered with forests. In this resort place, the sea is warm and calm. This provides comfortable conditions for sailing, water skiing, and swimming. Marmaris is popular among travelers from all over the world. It is the pearl of the Aegean Sea.

Parks and squares are filled with the scent of flowers and palm trees. They are a great addition to restaurants, hotels, and shopping facilities. There are sea vessels in the harbor of the coastline. They can be rented to make a sea trip through the Aegean Sea, full of bays and islands. Those who prefer active leisure can have a great time in night discos and entertainment clubs.


This resort place is located in the westernmost part of Turkey. It admires the presence of a variety of green spaces and a beautiful natural landscape. The bay attracts travelers with the surrounding mountains with cedar and pine trees.

The coastline consists of pebbles and sand. The resort is small, but the infrastructure in the field of recreation in it is diverse. In the center of Fethiye, there are luxury restaurants, boarding houses, oriental bazaars, and shops. A relaxing holiday on the beach can be diversified by sports and playgrounds, walks by the sea, or visiting the water park.

The entire coastline is decorated with flowerbeds with incredibly beautiful flowers, and exotic plantings, from which it is impossible to look away. The tombs located on the mountain slopes are considered the main symbol of the city.


It is a small settlement place. It is considered an inexpensive and peaceful Turkish resort. Extraordinary natural landscapes are filled with hills with plants and orchards. There are few hotels in the city. But they differ in low prices and active quiet leisure. The unique climatic conditions with natural beaches are suitable for vulture turtles and blue crabs.

Rafting is considered the most popular type of recreation. You can also visit the ruins of the historic city. There is a unique attraction in the place of a nature reserve in Dalaman. There is a railway station in which there are no tracks.


The city is located in the place of the settlement of the Greeks. It fascinates with its many gardens with tropical plants, beaches, architectural buildings, and a variety of entertainment infrastructure. The resort is a recreation center for high-ranking people of Turkey. There are hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants in it. Modern and historical buildings are successfully combined in Bodrum.

There is a castle, an ancient reservoir, fortresses, and an amphitheater in the city. This resort is perfect for lovers of night rest. To do this, there is a disco on the street and a dance floor that can accommodate five thousand people.


The beach strip stretches for more than fifty kilometers. It consists of pebbles, and sand and is divided into small bays. The fragrance emanating from olive and pine groves spreads everywhere.

There are about 200 hotels in the city. It has sports, entertainment, and playgrounds. You can also visit the water park and outdoor pools. The main symbol of the resort is the ruins of the temple of Apollo. They consist of massive carved columns.


A luxurious city located on the western side of Turkey. Most recently, it was a small village. Currently, it is a chic resort with extensive beaches of pebbles and sand. It has five-star restaurants, hotels of various categories, and entertainment centers. The city is surrounded by greenery and flowers.

Kusadasi is considered a port city. There are luxury cruise liners on its berths. A walk along the embankment with palm trees will bring real pleasure.

Tourists have the opportunity to choose recreation – entertainment clubs, water parks, parachuting, and boat trips.

The better

It is considered a resort of the Turkish elite. It is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea. It has sandy beach lines. They have unique mineral springs. They burst out from under the ground, which promotes health when bathing. The coastal line alternates with a pedestrian zone. There are benches on it, located under the shade of palm trees.

The uniqueness of the resort is given by craft workshops, fashionable yachts, and luxury hotels. They create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the city. You can take an excursion to the ancient fortress with a museum. It contains historical objects, jewelry, and weapons.

The synopsis

It is located behind the beautiful Pontic Mountains, which are covered with dense vegetation. The ancient city is delighted by the presence of attractive beaches, coves, and historical monuments. There are many entertainment venues and luxury hotels in the city. You can also find a small number of cheap hotels with comfortable cafes.

Turkish resort

The resort has many ancient buildings, a visit to which will arouse interest. One of these attractions is an ancient fortress, a prison, and a clock tower. Also in the central part of the city, you can observe houses built during the Ottoman Empire.

The resorts of Turkey provide tourists with incredible recreation opportunities. Each city is a beautiful place with amazing coastal beaches and a high level of hotel service. Regardless of the category of hotel, all vacationers will get an unforgettable wonderful experience. Having visited Turkish resorts, I want to return to them again.

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