Israel: A trip to the Holy sights in Jerusalem

Historically, Israel has become the largest and most significant historical museum in the world. It is located in the open air, its dimensions are also very modest. However, the greatness of the architectural monuments located in this country is not modest. Every piece of land is saturated with historical secrets that are of great value and significance for posterity.

Capernaum, Israel

It is no coincidence that there are a lot of shops in this country that sell Israeli souvenirs. The Lord himself walked on this earth when he met Abraham. This is where the basis of the three world religions — Judaism, Islam, and Christianity – comes from. The most advanced peoples of their time passed through this land: Romans and Greeks, Templars and Turks …

For historians, the temple of the Multiplication of Loaves and fishes is of interest, it was in this place that Jesus managed to feed 5,000 people. In the famous Jordan River, Jesus was baptized by the hand of John. It is forbidden to swim in these waters, but such signs do not stop tourists.


In Jerusalem, the three religions have to get along in a very limited space. There are much more religions there, since within each there are different currents, in most cases hostile to each other. Therefore, friction in these places occurs constantly. It is important not to violate the precepts of religion if you enter its territory. For example, when approaching the Wailing Wall, a kippah should always be worn on the head.

The Gulf of the Red Sea

Along the Gulf of the Red Sea, there is a whole network of resorts and hotels, often surpassing all world analogs. There is an amazing flora and fauna in these places. Each sound is filled with long-lasting historical content. And many plants remember Jesus himself. Mountain goats are constantly frolicking on the hillsides.

Taking walks through landscapes covered with marble paths, filled with murmuring waterfalls and fountains, you feel like a prince of a magical fairyland. Bars and hotels are found in every corner of this country, everything here works for the needs of tourists and pilgrims.

If you get bored with excursions, there is always an opportunity to have fun on the Western model by going to gyms, swimming pools, saunas, or discos. In Eilat, you can ride a real camel, enjoying the beauty of desert nature. You can cool off from the heat by swimming in coral reefs. If you have underwater equipment, you can visit the aquarium.


There is no bad weather in Israel. The sun always shines here, feeding the soul with optimism and joy. There will be no difficulties with Russian-speaking speech. The infrastructure in the country is simply flawlessly developed. By bus, you can get to any locality in the country. Taxis are found everywhere. If you have rights, you can use car rental, which will create even greater freedom of movement.

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